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A Tale of Two Toyotas - Part 2

December 2, 2015 · in Automotive · · 13 · 1.1K

Some of you kind iModellers commented on the previous part of this story Following Toyota's disqualification from the World Rally Championship for a technical infringement, they returned in mid 1997 with a totally new car, the more compact Corolla, which took full advantage of the new regulations. Entering a full season in 1998 the Corolla was an immediate success, especially in the hands of Carlos Sainz, the uncrowned king of Spain.

Again, this is a somewhat old kit from , but it seems to have stood the test of time. I was particularly concerned about the decals but they went down very well with a little help from Tamiya Markfit. I painted it with fine white primer followed by a couple of coats TS26 pure white, after the decals were on I sprayed some Mr Super Clear gloss. I added some retaining straps for the spare wheel, and extended the seat harnesses using masking tape painted red, and made the antennae from kitchen brush bristles. I've made an attempt at a base to display it made from expanded polystyrene, painted various shades of grey, with white lines from masking tape, together with a Castrol poster cut from the kit box. I'm afraid there are only a few photographs as the outside temperature was hovering around -15 dec C, brrr, it's cold here in the winter! Thanks for looking, George

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  1. You certainly have "a way" with these rally cars, George...another outstanding example!

  2. Nice work George!

  3. Nice work, George. I like the "oversteer" photo (#1). The old man passed down some talent to his son, who did a credible job in F1 this past season.
    Was this a two-wheel or AWD car?

  4. Lovely work yet again George.
    You capture the line well.

  5. Really nice work, George. Looking forward to more of the series.

  6. Nice - and very colorful! So all of the color is attributed to decals?

  7. Cool model George. Great improvised diorama!
    Minus 15c? It's been plus 15c in Newcastle!

  8. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Very nice work George, very eye catching.

  9. Way cool George! You really did a fine job on this one. Have you ever noticed on videos of these drivers when they are at speed they don't blink their eyes. I have watched many videos and this was a common thread with all the top drivers.
    Great model!
    California Steve

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