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Kinetic 1/48th BAe Sea Harrier FA.2

There just something great about the Harrier and such a shame they taken out of service far too early.

Still there good kits released of this classic British aircraft and Kinetics’ 1/48th Sea Harrier FA.2 is a very good kit eventually. End product justifies the effort, but not the easiest to build.

Fly Navy!

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15 responses to Kinetic 1/48th BAe Sea Harrier FA.2

  1. Nice clean build, Mark. I think I built the Revell version once, itself a reboxing of a Hasagawa kit (might be wrong about that – it’s been a few years ago.). I remember finding the type a little troublesome to build, but I put it down to my inexperience with jets generally rather than the peculiarities of the kit.

    Maybe it wasn’t me after all!

  2. I’m liking these harriers you are posting Mark. That’s another great build. I love the long nose cone on the FA.2, very different but cool.
    I’ve been hinting on for the 1/32 GR.7 for xmas from the other half. Fingers crossed!

  3. Nicely finished, sir…..VERY nicely finished. I like that one a lot. 🙂

  4. Very nice indeed. Well done!

  5. Great looking Harrier! I’m with you – I really like the aircraft in all it’s various versions and paint schemes, but there’s something about this clean-looking scheme that stands out. Very nice model!

  6. It’s just beautiful! Great build!

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very sharp and clean work.

  8. Thanks all for the nice comments.

    I really enjoy looking at others work on the various sites on the Internet and believe it only to be fair to join in and show some of mine.

    Besides I’m running out of display space, so need somewhere else to put my models on display!

  9. That looks great. What paint did you use for the Extra Dark Sea Grey? I’m waiting for the Kinetic FRS.1 kit to show up here in the US.

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