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Trumpeter's F-100C Super Sabre in 1/48.

December 7, 2015 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.2K

this is the F-100C kit which I built some 3 years ago. I had absolutely no trouble with it apart from a little bit of fettling around the air intake. Finish is Alclad & decals by Xtra Decals. The weathering is very conservative but can just be seen.

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  1. Nice-lookin' Sabre, Tony...appears 'fast' just sittin' there. I read somewhere that the aft end of the skin discolored only when the 'burner was lit (makes sense I guess). Sorta explains why the Thunderbirds always looked so shiny - they weren't allowed to go supersonic. That, and constant upkeep.

  2. Hello Tony...very nicely done. Great NM finish and a fine choice of markings. The 'Hun' was one sleek looking bird and your model represents her well.

  3. Great looking NMF finish, especially the heat staining work. Love the F-100 - my favorite Century Series aircraft.

  4. Good looking , nice build and great NMF finish Tony.
    Well done mate.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    I always was a little intrigued by the TRUMPETER F-100 , maybe I was to used to the 1/48 MONOGRAM model ( have 10 still not built ). It looks good and sharp. Can you tell me more of it as in a review, seems I have to consider it.
    Very outstanding work, thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Looks very "sharp", Tony, I like the look of it.

  7. Tony, really nicely done, I especially like the subtle change of tint to the panels. Its easy to over do that, you made it nice and believable. Good job !

    • Thanks Terry. Glad you like it. One of trumpeter's better kits, I think.

      • Tony, thanks for your commetns on the kit. Like DE4, I wondered about it, what with the usual rumors about elemental errors on some of their other stuff.

        So far, I've gotten a couple of their modern planes, and am pleased. Their A-6 in 48th is complicated, but impressive.

        I'm gonna bit the bullet. I once saw one do a low pass over my basecamp in the Delta, and it was a beaut in action. Low pass, and one of those zoom climbs, 'til it disappeared into the clouds. Rats! How come my vision and math skills weren't up to snuff?

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