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Workbench 2015 :)

December 28, 2015 · in Uncategorized · · 6 · 1.8K

It's awesome that we have some memes yet so I'm in! This is myworkbench - sufficiently cleaned uf for the photos. Nothing special - a better part of my living room 🙂 On the third picture is a Fly Synthesis Storch I used to learn to fly on UL - just for some interesting 🙂 Seamless Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy new year.

    The more it looks like the boss's office!
    Where is the secretary?

  2. Nice and functional Gabor.
    Looks comfortable too.

  3. Gabor, impressive! Like the shelves!

  4. That's not a "workbench"...that's a DESK.

  5. That is a nice work area Gabor. I made my desk facing the wall. (see post) Next time I think I will try to follow your way making the desk so you can see across the room. It just seems more comfortable.
    Happy New Year Gabor.
    California Steve

  6. I like it. Plus, I'd love to fly with you. I began flight lessons years ago, but ran out of ca$h before I was finished. (My next "lesson" would have been my first solo flight.) 🙁
    Great workplace - no matter whether it's called a bench or a desk. Ha!
    Happy Easter to you & all the rest here!

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