Encore 1/48 OA-37B, finished on Oct. 2015.

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Painted with Model Master enamels, metallics with Alclad II and MM Metalizer, decals from Super Scale International, rocket launchers from True Details, minigun pod from Aero Bonus, iron bomb from my spare box with the resin fuze, nose gun from Quickboost, RBF tags and lamp bases from Eduard.

Encore kit includes resin and photoethed pieces for the cockpit, wheels, airbrake, and other details.

Kit was rescribed and corrected when possible.

Styrene sheet used for blade antennas, fuel tank wings and airbrake box and piano wire for whip antennas.

Many hours went on this project, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. Nicely done Tweet, Correct me but is it a repop of the old Monogram kit or is it a new moulding? I have built the Monogram kit years ago, in fact it is on the shelf among it's brethren. Reason I asked is you mentioned you rescribed it. Which tells me it had raised panel line detail. Regardless you did a great job on her. Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you. Yes, it is the Monogram plastic. I recently saw the Trumpeter kit and it would have saved me a lot of work on the surface but I already had all the needed stuff for the project and it was an interesting challenge.
    Best of the best for this year for you too.

  3. Now that right there is a beautifully done model ... I wanna tell ya!

  4. Ruben, great work, I know what them "raised" panel lines look like. It killed my enthusiasm on the spot. Particularly the fuel fillers. Looked like something out of the Lima loco works.
    Is the Trumpeter an improvement?

  5. Thk. for your comments people.
    Bernard, I saw the trees, surfacewise is a big improvement over Monogram´s, I noticed the engines´ intakes and exhausts are assembled somewhat different than on old Mo but I cannot comment on the fit. Anyway I would change some details as I prefer to use photos of the real thing to make my builds and correct or improve any part I think it worths it.

  6. All tooled up and ready to go... excellent workmanship. When I first saw it I thought it was the Kitty Hawk kit.

  7. Ruben, a smart,tight build. Your time and effort shows. Looking forward to seeing your next build.

    Two thumbs up

  8. I like that a lot! Nice work.

  9. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very good portrayal of a A-37. That camouflage work is well done as well as the slight weathering. Nicely done.

  10. Given the (non) quality of the original kit, the result is really superb, a triumph of talent over situation.

  11. Ypur hard work has really paid off, you obviously enjoyed it, thanks for showing it to us.

  12. Nice A-37

  13. Beautiful Tweet! Great attention to detail and just a bang-up great overall finish!

  14. Thank you all for your comments.

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