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Review: MR. PAINT Acrylic Paint for Airbrushing

February 25, 2016 · in Reviews · · 9 Comments

is a Slovak firm who focus on producing paints for modellers. Their colours allow modellers to use authentic colours and tones and to be assured that they are correct.

The paints we have are designed specifically to be used with an airbrush. All paints are pre-thinned for immediate use with a 0.3mm nozzle, however I use them with a 0.2mm nozzle with no problems. The manufacturer suggests that further thinning may be required with smaller diameter nozzles and for this they recommend our own thinning agent, MR.THINNER. However I never found that I needed to thin the paints.
I found that MR. PAINT worked best for me at a pressure of 5psi (0.35 bar) using my H & S Evolution using a 0.2mm Needle/Nozzle set. At this pressure I found MR. PAINT to be the most controllable and was I was able to do some very fine modelling on my 1:32 Revell Bf 109G-10.
Am I sold on this new paint? You bet I am, if there is any disadvantage it is the smell and the need to use in a well ventilated room, on account of it being a lacquer based acrylic paint. What I love is the ease of use, ease of cleaning the airbrush.

The paint sprays like Alclad and has the covering and translucent qualities of Mr Hobby Gunze Aqueous.

I highly recommend this paint for the dedicated modeller.

I am indebted to and wish to thank Mr James Hatch of Large Scale Modeller fame for his help in securing these paints for trial and review.

9 responses

  1. thanks michelle, i hadn't heard of these before now. if it's close to Gunze,i'm in!

  2. Apparently the format has changed…...

  3. I thought the headline page was for models only, and that anything else would find a home in one of the many groups sections. I may be wrong about that. I don't mean to be a nit-picker.

  4. Yeah Jack may have a point, but this is interesting news. I really like the fact the paints are pre thinned, as to me that's the messiest part, thinning the paint, especially pouring it from a Humbrol tin! Interesting product.

  5. I've been using them for a few years now and they are fantastic. They have a wonderful translucent quality to them, they dry quickly, and are fairly durable. These paints must be used on a primed surface, though, and Mr Paint carries several different tones of that. They are not really acrylic, they're more like a lacquer because they require clean-up with lacquer thinners. They also dry to a semi-gloss finish that allows decals to adhere to easily without laying down a gloss varnish first. The paint takes enamel panel line washes very well. Here's my Su-33 that I painted with Mr Paint.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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