Hobby Boss 1:48 Scale, F4F-3 (Early) “Wildcat”

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Hey Folks,

It's been awhile since I last posted, but I have been busy building a lot. It's been a regular, "Fighter-Pa-Loozah" here on the Island and I have managed to finish a couple kits,

This HB kit is not a bad model. In fact, in my opinion, they build up rather well. I still think Tamiya rules on the front, but HB does give the builder more options and a more detailed wheel bay. The only kit where I think HB 'Screws the Pooch' is the FM-2, which needs a lot of help to get right. But I digress...

I built the model OOB. I made the lap harness out of paper bits. Yellow Wings decals were used for the markings. Paint is a combination of Floquil Old Silver for the fuselage and lower wings. Model Master Enamels for the upper wings and True Blue squadron markings, and Tamiya Acrylics for the black tail colors.
I thought the build went together well, Basic alignment was spot on, and very little putty was required.
As I have said earlier, it's not as good as the Tamiya kit, but it's close, and it does have points that are better.
I used Tamiya panel Line Accents for the first time, instead of my usual thinned oils. They worked well over a glossy surface, and i would use them again. I wanted an aircraft that was weathered, but not filthy.
Markings, are for an aircraft assigned to 'Fighting Seventy-Two', (VF-72) flying from USS Wasp, (CV-7) during the Atlantic Neutrality Patrols in early 1939.

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  1. Great job ! I have built up one of these "early" F4F-3 HB Wildcats too. Your description is spot on. Building the landing gear can be a little tricky, but other than that, it's a great model. I don't know what they were thinking on the FM-2... sad really, but I have one of them in the stash too. It will need some replacement resin bits to make it proper.

    I really like what you did here Fred... well done. You can't go wrong with anything in the "Yellow Wings" era... at least not in my book.


    It's good to see you back here posting something. 🙂

  2. a beauty Fred

  3. Frederick, This is a real beauty, I really like the light touch of weathering, it gives a nice realistic look especially on the wings. Very well done !

  4. Hello Frederick,
    What a jolly 1939 paint scheme. You could not miss this AC miles out.
    Job well done. Regards, Dirk

  5. Nice work! I built that one awhile back and enjoyed it too.

  6. Very nice! Those yellow wing birds were very eye-catching.

  7. Very nice work here!

  8. Simply marvelous! Nice yellow wings scheme.

  9. Lovely work Frederick!

  10. Beautiful Fredrick. Love yellow wings but always shied away as I was a brush painter in days of yore. Might be time to build one. I've also used Tamiya panel Line Accents for the first time on my just finished N1K2

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