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Saab Story J21 pusher fighter

February 19, 2016 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.8K

Pilot Replica's first and only release, a Swedish Saab J21 twin-boom pusher. Actually My son Kyle built this one, I be just the poster boy. He reports it to be a pretty good build, complaints being a split wing seam and locator holes that are too small. He converted the kit's A-3 model into the prototype because it flew during the war. Only modification necessary was rounding off the rudder shapes, and an aluminum paint job. He added brake lines and tiny antennas. Anything it seems to me looks good with a streamlined Daimler-Benz installation, even if it's pushing. Later the Swedes put a jet engine into this thing, I expect we'll be seeing that version released down the line.

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  1. My compliments to exceptional build indeed.

  2. Nice job young man

  3. Nice clean build. I remember one of those, standing behind the Museum of Technology in Stockholm in the seventies. We, myself, my brother and our father used to look at it every time we went to that museum or to the Maritime museum that was close by.
    Cool aircraft. Thanks for posting.

  4. Nice model and a very interesting airplane. Great work Kyle, I look forward to more of your work.

  5. Well done, Kyle. Never even saw one of PRs models in prototype guise even in Sweden. Looks quite different from the dark green job one normally sees.

  6. Please tell Kyle he did a fine joy on this kit. Keep up the good work.

  7. Pusher!

    Like nice build.

  8. Bill, Kyle did a beautiful job on this.
    Unfortunately, I now have the urge to go get one. Oh, well!
    Nice change from the usual green/blue.
    Just a neat looking airplane! And the only WW II pusher to actually get into service.

  9. Way to go Kyle... great job on this as usual. I see you've inherited not only your Pa's skills, but also his taste for going off the beaten path. Keep on modeling!

  10. Very nice result. It's a beautiful kit.

  11. That's really sharp! Congrats to Kyle!

  12. Very cool, Kyle, definitely a chip of the old block!

  13. Great looking build! And always nice to see unusual subjects.

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