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First car model in about 50 years…

March 29, 2016 · in Automotive · · 12 · 1.5K

Many moons ago I put away my paint & glue, trading 'em in for girls, weed and a Rickenbacker bass. Fast forward several decades- Traded the former in for a wife, single malt scotch and (plastic) 😉 models. Been doing planes, an occasional tank and even a ship or two but now finally a car. My how time brings change.

Anyway, this is the Enzo kit, 100% OOB. My advice- don't even think about this kit... if you feel like building an Enzo, get the Tamiya. Engineering, fit and instructions were all pretty grim. Have to say that the decals were surprisingly excellent though. Paint (ab)used was Tamiya X-7 which worked beautifully. All of the orange peel and other flaws are totally my fault- sloppy prep work. However, the paint is very delicate- Even after sitting to cure for 3 weeks, it will still get damaged by finger prints, even wearing a cotton glove.

Thanks for looking. All comments, criticism and laughter welcome!

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  1. I like two of those things but I would never touch a bass guitar! More of a Les Paul man myself! Nice Enzo as well!
    I love these cars, amazing machines. I have a la'ferrari and an FXX in the stash, both Tamiya. They look like pretty cool kits, definitely worth a work in progress!
    Nice build again, looks great!

  2. A real beauty, love the color.

  3. You obviously haven't lost your touch...hopefully in all respects! 🙂

  4. I can't honestly say that the Enzo is my favourite Ferrari, it looks too much like a Testa Rossa from some angles, but you've done a fine job with this one, and I know what you mean about Tamiya paint staying soft...

  5. Nice hoop-dee ride. Looks like they copied the 'Vette styling though. 🙂 Beautifully built, as always. Is the paint soft, or all that Glosscoat?

  6. All sport cars should be red, and this one goods great to me.

  7. The Enzo is a beaut. Not sure why you had to give up all the other stuff, though...

  8. I think it looks great - and your first sentence is remarkably similar to my story - I felt a bit nostalgic though and decided to model a biit of it though, you might check here:

  9. Whattaya know, it IS like riding a bicycle!

    Nice. Very nice.

    You're lucky you don't live in Southern Cal, where I might offer to buy it (since it looks so real) so I could smash it with a hammer after dealing with the kind of @#$$#@@! who drives the real thing around here. 🙂

    • Was just thinkinbg of the Enzo that got wrapped around a light pole out in Malibu doing 115 on Hwy 1, and the guy driving it turned out to be all kinds of an international Swedish shitweasel. Southern California, scratch the surface and black pus oozes out.

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