Hasegawa, 1:48 Scale, Macchi MC.202, “Folgore” (Lightning)

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Another Axis bird! I built this one, after seeing my friend Bill Koppos' build of the same model. I like the way his came out so well, I got busy on mine. I see many of these at shows, and pretty much all of them have the smoke ring camo applied...like Bill's, (Who by the way sprayed them by hand...frakking awesome job too..) so I want ed to go in a different direction...a little more north, to Sicily. The model represents a , assigned to 378th Squadriglia, (Squadron) 51st Stormo, based on Sicily during summer, 1942.

's model is decent, but does have a few flaws here and there. Nothing serious, just watch the wing root and the nose panel in front of the windscreen. However, in spite of those, the kit still is the best model of this gorgeous aircraft in the scale.

Best Regards
Freddie from LI

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  1. Nicely finished, sir...love that paint job!

  2. Day's Italian, nice job funky paint scheme more than I can do

  3. Dat's not Day's frakking phone

  4. You did an amazing job on this Italian classic!

  5. Well done Frederick. Like Italian cooking with the Red and White styles of cooking it looks like they had regional painting too. You've brought out the best in this Hasegawa kit. What did you use for the antenna wire and insulators? Do you have any photos of the underside? If Bill can inspire you to build then you can inspire others ...kind like a chain letter or chain modeling. Two thumbs up on this one. Looking forward to your next build.

    • Thank you Stephen, I wanted different? Usually see these modeled as they were in Africa. Not do much in more temperate schemes, even if Sicily is still pretty arid.
      Antenna is stretch sprue, and insulators are tiny globs of white glue.

  6. Frederick, another nice piece of work, camo looks great. I can just see it blending in along an Italian tree line !

  7. Another inspiring build, Freddie, neat and convincing.

  8. Pretty plane, nice work

  9. Gorgeous build of one of the best-looking axis fighters. Love the sleek look of the Folgore - one of my favorite birds. I like the scheme you chose as well.

  10. Nice build and painjob.
    I like the way you toned the white surfaces.

  11. Outstanding as always, sir!

    I took my daughter to the American Airpower Museum a few weeks ago, and she was more interested in the models displayed (with your excellent work figuring prominently!) than she was in the real aircraft. Seeing her reaction to the models is what got me up into the attic to rescue a couple (dozen) from my stash that have been stored up there to make room for RC planes.

    I was thinking about bringing her to Noreastcon, but she's a "grabber"...I'd have to secure her to a hand truck like Hannibal Lechter in Silence of the Lambs, or risk her swiping something off a table. I've actually seen it happen several years ago at another show, and the result wasn't pretty.I don't want to be "that guy", so I'll wait until she's older.

    • I am glad you enjoy the museum, Frank, and I appreciate the compliments on the models.

      I'm not the only one building them there, but I do have the majority there. You should stop down over the Memorial Day Weekend. If you see a US Navy officer, say HI!

  12. Lovely aircraft. Lovely model.Just love the cool "Pouncing Cat" logo.

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