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First Gundam build completed

August 25, 2019 · in Sci-fi · · 18 · 2K

Finally done! Not exactly what I was going for but still happy with how it came out. What are your thoughts on this build and these kits, I hope I have changed some minds with the possibilities that these kits offer. As always thanks for looking.
P.S. Sorry about the pics I was honestly too lazy to break out the light box and light but my father recently gave me his Nikon 3200 and I’m still learning all the ins and outs of a proper camera.

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  1. Not my forte, but none the less a good looking build.

  2. wow, the scene goes with the model perfectly

  3. Not my thing, but your result is really interesting.

    • @tcinla, Thanks for checking it out, I understand it's not for everybody but if your looking for something different and fun these are really good for their price and to practice new techniques on. This is how this kit was intended at first but I had so much fun I decided to finish it up and keep it as a display piece. Thanks again!

  4. The “dust rising” effect looks cool and adds a sense of movement all too familiar when one sees a Japanese movie fight scene, Gundam or other.
    The diorama is quite impressive.

    • @holzhamer , Thank you sir! That's exactly the effect I was going for, I remember as a kid watching these giant robots on Saturday mornings skid across battle-damaged urban areas with plumes of dust trails, mines in a more deserty town feel but the same principle.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Love Gundams, and this one looks just right Travis.
    Nice work on the photography.

  6. @de4ever , Thank you sir, appreciate the kind words!

  7. Looks good Travis! I'm not a Gundam guy, but by giving it some sense of movement and tension you've really made it a more interesting model!

  8. @gkittinger , As always thanks for the kind words sir, it's much appreciated! Will I see you at Modelfest in Liberty MO. this year? I promise this year I'll make it out to Oklahoma!

  9. I'm planning on it at the moment. I'm having a small knee surgery just prior, so not sure how much I'll be up to travel, but if I can get someone to come with so I don't have to drive, I may make it!

  10. Looks great, Travis. I always like the way Gundams look built up, but I have never had much luck building them. The finish on yours is what I always thought these machines should look like, not the bright and shiny finish you see on some Gundams. Transformer influence, I assume.

  11. Pretty Gundam good, I'd say! Well done, Travis!

  12. @mikegolf, Why thank you sir, as always much appreciated!

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