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Hobby Boss 1/72 A5m2

March 15, 2016 · in Aviation · · 24 · 3.1K

Well, this wasn't a weekend build but, it was close! It took me four days to finish it. This easy build kit was exactly that: an easy build. The parts count is very small and fit was excellent. I only needed a tiny bit of putty behind the wing fillets on each side. Cockpit detail is minimal with a generic seat, floorboard and rudder pedals. I added some equally generic seatbelts. There is no sidewall detail. The engine face appears made up and looks like no radial engine I've ever seen. The overall shape looks good although I'm not one to take measurements. I very much enjoyed this model. If you're looking for a quick build to recharge the batteries, one of these easy build kits might be the ticket for you.

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  1. Nice little build...turned out pretty well. Nice paint work, too.

  2. Funny, not a very common aeroplane but I actually read about it yesterday, Air Enthusiast no. 19. If you like colourful aeroplanes the A5M is the way to go.

  3. A great looking model, Scott. As Stellan mentioned, not commonly seen - I think the last time I saw one presented was at Telford in 2012 (and it won its category).

  4. Pretty little thing for sure.

  5. Nice job Scott, I like it.

  6. Very nice job. 🙂

  7. Inspiring, I think I'll try one.

  8. Lovely Claude, and the kit looks pretty nice - simple, but nice panel detail. Hobby Boss is a manufacturer I haven't yet had experience with - only got one in my stash.

    • Thanks Greg. I've also made the easy build P-38 and one of their A-7s, both of which turned quite nice.

      • Scott, the P-38 has the booms aligned? I saw one in the box, and I was stunned to see that. That out of the way, a lot easier, huh? Do we get to see pitchers, as they say in my old neighborhood? (sometimes rendered "pixtures" for your true Baltimoron)

        • Bernard, the booms on mine were perfectly aligned. Again, not much detail in the cockpit but, besides that, it was the best 1/72 P-38 I've made. At least one picture of it was in one of my previous articles.

  9. What did you use for the silver? It looks great!

    • Thanks Rob. I decanted Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum from the spray can and shot it through my airbrush over a gloss red (the same red of the tail and stripes) undercoat.

  10. Nice! I bought Tamiya's 1/32 P-51 and I'm looking for alternatives to Alclad and Metalizer. Tamiya seems to have some great rattlecan paints. AS-12 seems to be impossible to find so maybe TS 17 will do! Anyway, once again great build of a not often seen bird!

  11. Scott, looks great. I sure wish somebody would do a 1/48th one. I'd buy a couple, at least. Yeah, I know Classic Airframes did two, to include the (to me) wierd looking two seat trainer, but I sure don't see many built. They ain't easy, as a rule.

  12. Scott, be nice to have a Babs or a Mary or an Ann. Dream on, huh? That Lily with the misshapen nose done broke my heart.

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