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Marking the beast!

March 11, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 11 · 1.2K

Man third times a charm tried posting this twice before! Ok so I started decaling my COD. The first challenge was to get the walkway decals to fit since I had re-scribed the aft escape hatches in the correct positions. I cut the walkway decals applied them and filled in the gaps with scraps. The decals are too dark, but I decided it was easier than painting them on! I have noticed several oddities as I had painted this aircraft none of which I paid attention to while working on and flying in this aircraft for an 8 month deployment. One was tha she had one grey outer flap, the "danger" arrows on the landing gear doors are plain red with no "danger" painted on them, the nacelles are overall grey, no white undersides, and yesterday I thought I had screwed up by putting NK on the wings and NH on the tail. Nope! Apparently when we re-modexed 32 prior to deployment we got the wing designator NH on the tails, but not on the wing, and flew the whole cruise that way!

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  1. Progressing nicely

  2. A big Wow! Looks great.

  3. Looks smart,tight and well researched. Rob, if you decide to enter your "Beast" in a contest it would look as if you'd need to have to show some photos for those sharp eyed judges.

    Looking forward to the completed build.

  4. Thanks guys, and Stephen I have lots of pictures! Most of them are available over in the C-2 gallery on Cybermodeler, I just find it funny I keep seeing things I never noticed when I was deployed with this aircraft!

  5. Tell ya what, don't tell us what "discrepancies" there are and I promise we won't notice! 🙂
    And where's the beer bottle?

  6. LOL, did my work during the day this week, had a meeting at work during my normal beer time 🙂

  7. That COD is looking mighty fine.

  8. I can't wait to see your COD once finished. She is definitely going to look great!

  9. I concur with Morne. It is a pleasure to watch this come along and the finished product will be great I'm sure

  10. Looking forward to seeing it cross the finish line!

  11. Hey Rob, this is going to look really good when its done, great attention to detail. Look forward to seeing the finished product. So hurry up.

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