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Hasegawa 1/24 SKYLINE GT-R NISMO (BNR32)

April 18, 2022 · in Automotive · · 16 · 1.5K

I assembled 's R32 .

The kit was recently released and promises great workmanship with very good content.

This time, the wheels are replaced with those made by Aoshima and the ride height is slightly lowered.
We dared to paint the body color a darker silver, which is not available in the factory color.

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  1. Excellent result, Dagored @dagored
    The wheels are a nice addition and the adjusted ride height give it a more sportive look.
    Well done.

  2. One of the best auto models I've ever seen sir

  3. Amazing result, Dagored!

  4. The colour, together with the wheels, set this car off beautifully.

  5. Excellent results here. I don't know how you do it, but your car models continue to look more real than model. Wow.

  6. @dagored, I love the look of this, and especially in the natural light. It produces so much more of a "scene" that we are accustomed to looking at when looking at a car's finish, with the added benefit that it's a real, ie, the clouds! Its also amazing how the color changes from natural vs studio lighting.

    All that said, I really like that Hasegawa has been producing some new tool kits of Japanese classics recently. Your GT-R looks terrific! I've got their A70 Supra not far from the bench, and it blows all but Fujimi's old "Hi-Mech" kits out of the water... at least for that subject matter.

    • Thank you, I have a problem with the color tones changing greatly from natural light and indoor photography due to the light rays.

      All of Hasegawa's new car models have been excellent, and I can't thank them enough for all of the great work they have done.

  7. Great result. I love the vents in the Nismo front bumper. This makes me miss my old R32 GTR!

    • The R32 Skyline is another car that is more than 30 years old and is now one of the things I miss. However, I think it is one car that has not lost its shine even today.

  8. Awesome job Dagored, the colour and paint work is excellent, lovely shine on it.

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