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Ma K. 1/20 Archelon

I started looking at these kits a few years ago and eventually ended up picking up 4 or 5 of them in a short period of time. I usually build aircraft but there is just something about this series that drew me in. This kit in particular is the Archelon offering. It can be found at Amazon and a few other online stores. The series has seen a rebirth over the last few years as more mainstream companies like Hasegawa started pressing them.

Each kit comes with a simple, yet attractive box as well as full instructions and a large decal sheet. The kits are also fully articulated, minus the hands, allowing for many different poses. This also makes construction easier as it promotes modular building and painting. I went for a “late war” forest cammo but I wanted more color. I added the yellow to the cannon as a unit marking and weathered it with a little chipping and some brown/black washes. In hindsight, I like the gloss look better for some reason. I will finish the next few that way and see what I can achieve. Thanks for looking and any comments are welcome.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to Ma K. 1/20 Archelon

  1. Interesting subject, looks great .What type fuel is standing next to?

  2. You’ll have to enlighten me as to the genesis of these kits. What exactly are they supposed to be (other than something sc-fi, of which I am unfamiliar).

  3. Powered Mech Infantry fighting suit, like Starship Troopers? The Army was working on similar stuff.

  4. Ah – now I know where they came from! Should have read this post first!

    Interesting stuff, and I like your work on them – looks good.

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