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Hasegawa 1/72 F-4EJ Kai

June 29, 2020 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.6K

Finally finished another of my builds. I used a set of dry transfers for the stenciling and panel numbers (at least 50 hours of effort - details in the build thread). Don't know that I want to do that again! Added some pilots and some details to the cockpit. Painted using GS JASDF Ocean Blues set (a tad different shades than the paints I used for the F-2B). I broke off the nose probe during stenciling, but the stencil set had provided a metal probe so I added that back. Vallejo metals used for the metal work.

I have to say I think this bird is one of the prettiest Phantoms in existence (though it's kinda hard to use that word about the Rhino!) 🙂 With all the gray and camo schemes, this scheme just stands out in my mind. I chose the gray tanks to add some additional color to the blues (from reference photos).

I used a water-based panel line wash, though the engraved lines of the Has kit are pretty shallow. Some of my stenciling work actually pulled the dry "plastic" panel lines out of some of the grooves when I pulled the tape off, so had to touch up a bit - last time I'll use that brand of wash (secured some Mig washes). I used an oil filter to dirty up the underside rear, and oils and pastels to add more dirt, grime and weathering. I tried to restrain a tad, because the JASDF folks tend to keep their charges pretty clean. I did use oil dot filtering to fade the paint, as fading does seem to become noticeable on these birds.

More details in the World of Phantoms build thread (in the WIP-Aircraft group):

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  1. I like the paint scheme too. So many little decals!

  2. You sure got a pretty Phantom there, Greg. The blues really make the shape come out. Wonder why F-4 and MiG-21 had so many stenciles, others had almost none. But what on earth are those Bat-missiles about? Doesn't look like Sidewinders. Explain yourself 🙂

  3. Very nice work Greg. The JASDF sure have some very cool paint schemes. Those schemes look particularly good on the Phantom.



  4. Great job Greg ,I love modern jets in JASDF colours , why do Phantoms always seem to be covered in stencils ?

  5. Great job, Greg. You patience with the dry transfers is commendable. I tried some for the bumper numbers on a Stryker I built a awhile back and they drove me crazy frying to get them just right.

  6. Nice Greg. I like the Japanese sea scheme a lot.

  7. It is a pretty paint scheme, Great work, Greg!

  8. Nice Greg! I love that scheme.

  9. This is one AWESOME looking Phantom. The subtle shading and weathering makes this one a winner from every angle!

  10. The JSDAF also had great schemes on the Aggressor F-104s that they flew. How painful was it getting the landing gear doors in the gear up position? Very nice paint job and crew figures.

  11. Fantastic Phantom, Greg!
    I think this scheme is one of the prettiest for an F-4.

  12. The F4 would still look good in hot pink! But I agree with everyone else, that is a particularly nice looking scheme. Great job Greg, she's a beauty.

  13. Beautiful plane!
    Excellent build, paint job and weathering!
    I'm in doubt should I start Rockin' Rhino by Eduard of Fujimi's Fg. 1 🙂

  14. Looks good Greg, well done.

  15. Stunning! - and it was a joy to follow the "in-progress" in groups.

  16. Very nice Greg.
    Your build really represents the beauty of this plane.

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