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April 29, 2016 · in Uncategorized · 12 · 1.6K

Thank you iModeler, Received prize for the random award the other day, I hope when I build it I can do it justice. It looks like an excellent kit. One of the squadron choices is VF-31's predecessor- VF-6, I guess I know which one I'll do. Thanks again to all and as I said before I'm glad I found this site.

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  1. Excellent choice of kits, Robert...congrats.

  2. In World War II, VF-6 and VF-31 existed simultaneously. VF-6 went aboard fast carriers with Hellcats in summer 1943, operated in WestPac till Intrepid was torpedoed during the first Truk strikes. VF-31 was formed spring of 1943 under command of Robert Winston (author of "Dive Bomber") and went aboard Cabot in late 43, entered combat at the Kwajalein invasion and was at Truk in February with VF-6.
    (I've just been writing about this for the new book "Pacific Thunder").

  3. Congratulations again, Robert, looking forward to seeing this built and posted here.

  4. Congrats Robert! I can state the Eduard Hellcat is pretty awesome- I really like the fact that they provide an optional canopy section that fits over the spine to show off the cockpit easier.
    Enjoy- well deserved.

  5. Thanks, hope to do it justice

  6. Congratulations

  7. Excellent choice! (I'm partial to 1/72 anyway...)

  8. I'm glad to see that it has arrived safely! Enjoy.

  9. Robert, congratulations! This is a great Hellcat.

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