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P6M, VP might have been.seamaster

April 7, 2016 · in Aviation · · 12 · 2.2K

Yes I know another fantasy bird, This is Revells History makers edition of this old mold, putty sand, putty sand and once again. I was going to do it out of the box but the decals were shot, so I came up with a 1/144 P-3 VP squadron decals from the spares folder, added a MAD boom and such. Was toying with the idea of adding a AWAC dish on top but didn't want to push it, besides it would take away from its graceful lines. Thanks. Now I can phocus on my phantom.

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  1. Pretty bird, Robert - I like it. Remember when ALL model airplanes came with those clear display stands? I wish they still did.

  2. Robert, great work on the might-have-been. Good looking aircraft, surpassed by events and airframe problems.

  3. Way cool! Like the line on it.

  4. There is a man that Greg and I both know who is a member of our club. He used to teach escape systems and weapons systems on the P-6M years ago. He retired from Martin and is a wealth of knowledge about that aircraft.

  5. That's amazing, Even though it was a victim of the times, it's to bad it didn't go further. I think I read that it out performed the B-47.

  6. Robert: They had six ready to deliver when the program was axed. They broke them up. One of the other volunteers at the museum I volunteer for saw the remnants at NAS Dahlgren years ago. He tried to get some pieces for us, but the Navy said no. We have part of a tail, and the sponsons from the wingtips. I've seen the sponsons, which are stored inside, but not the tail. We plan to restore the tail, when we can get to it.

  7. Interesting info.

  8. As an old VP aviation guy (back to the P5M) I think the engines would have been light seaplane grey like the wings, but you've done a very nice Whiffer here. Would have been interesting to see this monster in operation.

    • I tried researching schemes on various VP aircraft, p5m especially, and came up with a variety of options, one had an all white wing/engine. In the end I chose the easier masking job. The videos on the net are great to watch .

  9. And it looks like the last seaplane /patrol plane scheme.
    Wish there was an affordable 1/72nd INJECTED Seamaster, without the need for the industrial strength files and gallon of Bondo, with novena to St. Jude.
    Didn't Beriev have a jet seaplane that looked similar? At Domedevo in '61.
    They stuck with turboprops, and lasted longer.

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