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Revell 1/32 Spitfire MkII

April 22, 2016 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Hi everyone,

I,d like to share my most recent project with you. I had never ever built an early in any scale, which in nearly forty years of modelling I should be ashamed! :o)). Having recently built a Dragon Me109E4 (see my previous post) in the same scale I thought this would look really nice sat next to it on the shelf (so long as they didn,t fight when no one is looking!).

Anyway, I am really pleased with both the kit and the final outcome. I really do like Revells approach to models these days, which seem to be a very good balance of detail and accuracy vs very reasonable prices.

Because it is such good value for money, I added quite a lot of after market details, as follows:

Eduard Zoom cockpit set
Barracuda seat (I hate doing harnesses!)
Barracuda wheels
Barracuda cockpit enhancement set
Barracuda canvas flaps
Barracuda cockpit door
SAC metal u/c legs
Quick boost exhausts

It has to be stressed that this was my choice, simply because i like enhancing my models, but even with all of these, the price was still pretty good, and well below the Tamiya MkIX kit (which is now being eyed in the stash...!), and even without, the kit builds into a very impressive model.

I used Tamiya paints, and the kit decals. These were good, but I had a little bit of silvering in places, probably as a result of my own fault than those of the kit! The camo was applied using the time honoured "blu-tac worm" method. Weathering was done with oils and an HB pencil.

It took me two weeks to complete, and was a very pleasant build with no pitfalls. Maybe one observation for improvement would be the bulges on the underside of the wings where the roundels sit. These are too big for the decals to snuggle down over, so you either have to remove the bulges and scratch build them after applying the decals, or cut the decal to allow it settle down, requiring a little bit of painting to blend it all in.

might have been better making the bumps separately, or making gaps in the decals fit over the bumps, which would help the less experienced modeller, for everyone else, forwarned is forearmed!

According to our goodly Mr Ulgur on here in his WIP thread, there are some other simple mods to be made to make the kit more accurate, and if I had seen his notes prior to building this model I would have made the necessary corrections, but I,m happy with it in general, and would highly recommend it.

Happy modelling everyone!

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12 responses

  1. At first glance, I thought this was the Tamiya kit. Great work indeed.

  2. Your skills and the aftermarket mentioned have pushed a familiar kit to a new level. Very nice.

  3. very nice indeed !

  4. Beautiful Spitfire. The Barracuda bits are nearly a must for this kit.
    Great detail work and paint job, this one is still waiting for me.

  5. Gorgeous Spit! Nicely weathered and detailed.

  6. very nicely done.

  7. As anyone here will tell you, I am a "Spitfire-aholic". I really like what you have done with this kit, especially your use of aftermarket parts to get this kit to a more accurate form. There is one problem, however, and that is you have built a Mk.II but I do not see the "Coffman" starter bulge that should be on the starboard side engine panel.

  8. Very nice, Ian. I took the same approach that you did with that kit. Nice work!

  9. All,

    Thank you for your very positive comments. It visited its first show yesterday and received similar from fellow modellers and public. I must be doing something right!

    Keep modelling!


  10. Hey, I've never watched Starwars either, let along built an early Spitfire... but this looks great, Ian, like Craig, I thought it was the Tamiya kit at first.

  11. Great build Ian, with reference to your comments about getting decals to settle over large bumps. Can I suggest you try the method that has always worked for me? Once you are happy that the decal is in the correct position, dip a cotton wool ball in boiling water (yes, boiling) and press down gently over the bump (I recommend tweezers otherwise it hurts!) You will be surprised how much you can get away with without tearing the decal.

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