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Review: 1/350 Hobby boss Dunkerque

July 31, 2017 · in Reviews · · 7 · 3K

I didn't posted a review for a while to visit Japan.
So I'm sorry for the imodeler.

I was fascinated by the Duke of Dunkerque. Her silhouette is so beautiful. It seemed like teaching me the beauty of the French battleship.
I have thought that famous battleships such as Bismarck, Hood, and Missouri are beautiful. But my thoughts have changed completely. French and Italian warships were like watching artworks. Once again, I want to thank imodeler for sending me this beautiful French warship.

Dunkerque kit is fantastic.
This kit includes handrail, stairways and etc. This kit is excellent enough not to use additional detail-up set. The welding part of the hull is a plus mold that is very clearly visible. And deck's detail is pretty good, too.

The details of the super structure and bridge are excellent as well. Especially, the details of the Anchors are the best of all the kits I've ever seen. Life rafts are so nice. 13 inch barrel, 5.1 inch barrel, both are pretty good. But main gun turret's details are simple. However, except for this, I think it is a totally good kit.

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  1. From what I've seen of your previous work, I can only conclude this will be yet another masterpiece. Your builds are stunning, my friend.

  2. This will look great when finished, Kitti!

    • This ship very very beautiful. So I'd like to build this soon.
      However, to my disappointment, I must build CV-6 Enterprise and I-400 submarine-carrier. T_T

  3. OOPS! My apologies, Won-hui Lee! I just looked at a post from Kitti & mixed up your name with his. SORRY!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing her seaworthy!

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