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DHC 2 Beaver, A95-202, ANARE, AF RAAF 1959.

, my first , I added a few small details, finished in MM enamels with Max and Aussie decals, Tamiya X22 overall. Operated by Antarctic Flight for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition in 1959.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Clean, neat, but the plane is "dead". Bit of dirt is not enough.

  2. Nothing wrong with a neat, clean build, like this one, it doesn't have to be weathered to make it interesting.

  3. Good lookin' build, Allan...I did the same kit a few years ago, but it didn't turn out a nice as yours.

  4. Looks great ! I also built one with floats a while back. CanMilAir has some good decals for them so I'm intending to do another one.

  5. I like this sort of subject. Knowing it's not something I'd ever build myself I think I can enjoy it all the more for its variety and niche interest.

  6. Clean-looking build. I envision another one - powdered with ice/snow...

  7. Allan, striking aircraft! Which colors did you use? Looks like 2 shades of whatever, orange and/or dayglo?
    Aussie decals? Max I know about.

  8. Clean is cool, it's obviously pre-deployment. Nice build.

  9. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings Allan ... πŸ™‚ :
    Nice clean work on this one Allan, a very sharp looking build.
    Good coloring too. It has a " HONORING " look to it.
    It will look very much like in it's place on a well made and dedicated display in its own case. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  10. Nice aircraft and colour scheme - difficult to get the differentiation in the orange but you managed it and it looks good - captures that bright look antarctic aircraft and vehicles seem to have

  11. Great build and scheme! How is the kit? I have one that I want to build as a Kenmore Air bird from up here in Seattle, I got to fly to and from Orcas Island on one lots of fun!

  12. Hi Allan,
    A pleasure to look at this little workhorse.

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