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RAAF Gloster Meteor F.8, 1/48 by Airfix

According to my references, A77-157 was delivered to the RAAF in Korea in February, 1952 & survived the conflict to meet its fate as a target drone in Woomera, South Australia in September 1969. Late production Meteors were equipped with fully clear canopies & enlarged air intakes & some earlier machines were retrofitted as was -157. Fortunately all the necessary options are provided in the kit, as is the DF aerial cover on the fuselage. The only extras added are the two whip aerials which are stretched sprue. Decals are from the box but serials are from an old sheet of RAAF serials, which went on just fine after about 15 years in the spares box! These Meteors were painted ‘High Speed Silver’ for which I mixed Valleho aluminium, a dab of Lifecolor medium sea grey & some Future thinned with water.

Finish coat is Hannants clear satin. Weathering is minimal. Hope you like it.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

34 responses to RAAF Gloster Meteor F.8, 1/48 by Airfix

  1. Beautiful build, Tony…a shame it was relegated to drone status.

  2. Nice looking Meteor.

  3. A magnificent looking Meteor!!! Well done!!!

  4. Great model! Panel the effect would be not superfluous.

  5. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Nice looking build, very clean and authentic looking.
    Just as Craig stated … ” a shame it was relegated to drone status “, I am pretty much sure she would be exhibited in a museum surrounded by pictures showing al the viewers her past, especially the youngsters.
    Good job Tony as well as the photography.

  6. Good clean build. Nice ‘high speed’ finish.

  7. I’m reading that Hornby is having some financial troubles and yet Airfix which falls under its corporate umbrella seems to being making some popular new kits which put them in the black. This being one of them. I hope Airfix can weather the times and continue to release some of these superb models. A real stand up model Tony. Very sharp and crisp in its presentation.

  8. Stephan, is the train side of the house pulling Hornby down? Or just bad choices by management?

  9. I love Meteors, and I love this one, excellent job. Let’s hope that Airfix manages to survive whatever happens with the Hornby business.

  10. Tony, very nice, The more I look, the more I like. A few years ago I wouldn’t have touched Airfix, looks like I need to start stocking up.

  11. Very nice Tony, great effort and result.


  12. Very nice. I’ve just finished one as a KW bird with the early canopy (very nice of Airfix to get that right with the “bulged” perspex). Certainly beats the “putty monster” CA kits all to hell and gone. I’ll definitely do another.

  13. P.k said on June 25, 2016


    great work


  14. Fantastic to see the RAAF Meteor featured!
    My father flew 201 sorties in them during the Korean War with 77 Squadron
    Thank you. 🙂

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