White Turkey...Hobby Boss 1/48 Grumman TBM-1C Avenger ASW US Navy

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Built in 2016.
Initially my dad wanted to build a RN Mk.I with the kit. After examining the kit we found out that the intended version wasn´t possible oob, no bubble side windows, no observer seat behind the pilot, no cowl gun. So, change of plan, used decals from the Italeri reboxing of the AM kit for the Hobby Boss one.
Besides the decals almost completely oob. Added seatbelts, cut off the wrong wing gun stubs and drilled holes, EZ Line for the aerials, engraved the missing rivets for the the oil cooler shutters on the side cowls. Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.

The decals for the nose numbers came from the sparebox because the Italeri ones were way too big.

As it seems there´s only one partial pic of this aircraft. There it looks completely white. A fellow modeller provided some info that all-white avengers weren´t completely uncommon in the Atlantic ASW role, especially with air superiority and no need for upper camo. So the model became only white, never seen that before on a pic or model.

The model shows an a/c of the composite squadron VC-58 on the escort carrier USS Block Island in January 1944. Later in March/April the unit transferred to the USS Guadalcanal and flew night missions.

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  1. lovely atlantic turkey U boat hunter

  2. Lovely, crisp detail there, Reinhard. There's a lot of variation and colour for a really monotone paint scheme. Nice job!

  3. Another killer finish. I never knew some of the planes in the Atlantic theatre were all over white as opposed to the grey and white scheme.

    • Thanks!
      You don´t really find pics of them. A fellow modeler sent me one of an all white Avenger that made an emergency landing in the water.

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. A beautiful plane with a luxury finish rivets and the treatment of aging by use has been spectacular


  5. Hello Reinhard, @grimreaper
    I have always had a place in my heart for the Avenger. I have never seen one painted like this before either... I really like what you have done here. It looks fantastic ! Having a few pictures of the original plane is always a plus. Great find.


  6. Reinhard, This is really nice. I'd never seen an all white avenger before, so thanks for the history lesson. I really like your overall paint work. I'd have to say you've captured the look of a well used carrier based aircraft. Well done !

  7. That's a stunning scheme on the Avenger!

  8. Nice work Reinhard!

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