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Build Meet, Annual General Meeting and modeling contest of IPMS-Kebnekaise

July 19, 2016 · in Show Reports · · 20 Comments

Kebnekaise, situated north of the Polar Circle, is the highest mountain in Sweden. (2097 m above sea level.)
It is a sign of the popularity and worldwide spread of our hobby, that there is an club even in this remote place.
On the 14. this month the Annual Buildmeet, the Annual General Meeting, and the contest Kebnekaise-OPEN were held.
Getting to the meeting by way of the western route includes some 1800 meters of ascent, but of course no serious modeler is held back by such trivialities.

Having reached the summit, the build meet was immediately commenced. To ensure that there was no cheating, the unopened packages of the kits were photographed.

Once the models were finished, the Annual General Meeting commenced.

Protocol: (Translated from Swedish. Please correct the language, if it’s not up to formal standards)

1: The chairman, Stellan Schroeder Englund bade the participant welcome and declared the meeting to be opened

2: The Agenda was accepted.

3: The accounts of the club were scrutinized and found to be in order.
Income: 0 SEK. Expenses: 0 SEK. Exchequer: 0 SEK.

4: Account of the activities since the previous meeting.
One build meet has been held. The number of members in the club has increased by 100%.

5: Stellan Schroeder Englund was re-elected chairman. Ulf Lundberg was elected vice chairman and secretary.

6: The meeting was concluded.

Finally the annual contest Kebnekaise-OPEN was held.
Winner of the category ”Aircraft in the scales up to and including 1:100: Ulf Lundberg
Winner of the category ”Aircraft in the scales 1:101 and smaller: Stellan Schroeder Englund.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses

  1. Well...that unequivocally HAS to be the most unique club meeting venue (and "workbench") in the entire universe. I'm in awe of the majestic setting.

    • Possibly the only one requiring a 12 hour walk in grim terrain to attend. And stops for water/lunch along the way. But what a revarding view! Hmm should invite some model shops next time, maybe even have a swap meet. Nah, that would certainly end the special atmosphere...

  2. Ulf, will the leadership be traded back and forth, or are you President for Life? Perpetuous railroadus?

    • I'm not President. Im Vice Chairman and secretary. Who the Chairman/President will be in the future, is for the Annual General Meeting to decide. 🙂

  3. I want to join.

  4. It's pretty clear the modelling is just a cover for goofing around in the snow.

  5. Words escape me, what a unique club as well as concept. I trust some prizes will be awarded next year for the best model?

    • This was the fourth AGM/buildmeet/contest, but first having more than one (me) participant. Guess its uniqueness diminish as heaps now will participate 😉 No huge trophies so far, who knows what will happen in the future.

  6. Absolutely fantastic! If I could afford it, I would BEG to come next year! (However, it would demand selling off about half my stash, so probably have to forego the experience...) 🙁

  7. So, tell me: were you going zoom!, swish! and making cannon sounds in photo #1?
    Your secret is safe with us!
    Gosh, wonder how I guessed that?

  8. I think your IPMS group is likely to be expelled, I'm sure the rules state you need at least three members, one to be proposer, one to be seconder and the third to be the elected officer! Ha, ha, you should have posted this on April 1st... Great posting, I really enjoyed it and your sense of humour.

  9. Ulf (& Stellan) I really enjoyed this write-up of your IPMS themed adventure. I'm with you in spirit ... if not physically. I have climbed a few mountains, enjoyed it, & am really enjoying your pictures & story! Well done, Ulf! Your sense of (American English spelling) humor is wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure story.

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