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Hasegawa 1/72 scale He 111 H-6

July 17, 2016 · in Aviation · · 16 · 3K

This model was a lot of fun to build and was one of the reasons I became interesting in this scale.

I purchased this kit when it first came out, it was a special edition version that contained some photo-etch, that included seatbelts and some cockpit goodies.

The model was painted with Model Master enamels after pre-shading all the panels. I purchased some Eduard canopy mask, that were a great help. I'm sure I would have gone blind, cutting out all those tiny pieces of Tamiya tape and trying to fit them onto all of that greenhouse canopy.

I then added some weathering with pastel chalks and painted on the exhaust stains, trying to keep this to a minimum as its easy to get this too heavy in this scale.

The antenna wire is stretched sprue along with the antenna wire insulators that were made with white glue.

The kit went together very well, however I have heard some people have had some fit issues with the large cockpit canopy that comes in 5 pieces. Mine went together well, however I can see that this could be a problem if you don't get every piece lined up just right.

This aircraft represents one that flew with 5./KG27 against Russia in 1942.

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  1. Nice posting, Terry, just the right amount of information and the photographs show your model off very well, great work in this scale.

    • Thanks George. I had a really tough time photographing this. for some reason the panel lines kept looking much darker than they really were. I finally settled on what you see here, but they still are a little darker than they actually are.

  2. Very nice Terry, like the overall look, and pics as well. I to would not consider doing that model without a canopy mask. Way too much glass for me.

  3. Looks good Terry, a nice clean build.

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    P.k said on July 17, 2016

    Nice paint & Build i LIKE!


  5. Great looking 111! Love the shape of the 111 - built the old Airfix version in desert camo (I am a s****r for anything in desert camo...).

    Nice detailing and finishing.

  6. I concur with all of the above, sir...super job!

  7. Great work as usual Terry! Looking forward to seeing it in Sept.

  8. Terry, what did you preshade with?

    • Bernard. I used a black tiny tip pen from Micron / Sakura size 005 (.20mm). I simply drew down each line. These worked great, but I had trouble with the tips wearing down prematurely. I contacted the company (very nice people) and came up with a better alternative, in a Pigma FB brush tip. These are water base felt tips. Very forgiving. You can wipe off the excess and even do some touch up post painting. I also found some pens from a company called Faber-Castell. They have both the metal shaft/felt type and the brush tip. However the metal shaft/ felt does not come in a really small tip. The brush tips seem to work really well and last a long time.

      After pre shading with the pens, I added some pre shading with my trusty Iwata airbrush. When the paint is then applied you get a nice faded panel line without having to add a wash later (in most cases). As stated above, the panel lines on this are not as dark as the pictures show. For some reason my camera realy grabs those lines.

      If you try these, let me know how it works for you !

  9. Very well done Terry, both the model and the photos look great.

  10. Terry, thanks for the great ideas. I've been thinking about artists inks, though I haven't tried them. I did buy some watercolor pencils recently, I was intrigued. That's what I get for wandering around craft stores and eyeballing the stuff.

  11. Excellent, one mean looking machine.

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