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Hobbyboss 1/48 F4F-3 first commander “Cactus Air Force” Lt. Col Harold “Indian Joe” Bauer KIA…MOH

July 21, 2016 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.3K

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  1. Beautiful job sir.

  2. Very nice! The paint I awesome.

  3. Bob, you did it again. Another terrific build. The HB kit is pretty nice as well-pretty much falls together.

  4. Good lookin' build there, Mr. Mack - that belly shot is outstanding.

  5. Bob, I'm pretty sure everyone who's built a wildcat (or a few,,,,, OK, a bunch) has built a Cactus AF version. But that's OK, especially when they are done well, like this. Good work on this. Nice job not overdoing the weathering.

  6. Very nice work indeed, but there is one problem.

    The F4F-3 was not plumbed for drop tanks. Cutting them off is a simple solution. (Hobby Bimbo/Trumpeter didn't know this)

    • that's a bummer...I figured they would need the tanks to get to rabaul and bougainville but i guess the corsairs did that job...dammit man...much appreciated

  7. Joe Bauer was known as "Indian Joe" to his close friend, but his USMC handle was "Coach," which had to do with his attitude about his responsibility as a USMC air commander to the young troops. Which was why he was named to Cactus AF commander. Most likely shot down by a "Pete," which surprised quite a few US fighter pilots in the Solomons, who thought they were attacking something like a "Dave" or an "Alf."

    • i think a lot of his coach came from his football days also...he was given sweet citations from a grateful commandant for his football...kind of like the fight game in from here to you said that persona...somewhere i read Foss said he was coming in to chew him out for something so he took him up immediately to go chase landing craft and know the rest...John L. Smith MOH took over and detacted Navy pilots like Flatly were on that flight...nobody saw nothing... the marines said the Pete could dogfight with the best [Foss] ...good stuff

  8. Very nice. I see the drop tanks have been mentioned. Easy fix though. 🙂

  9. Between the wars, interservice football was a major thing.
    Nicely done, Bob. Just enough weathering, some of their aircraft didn't last long enough to get weathered.
    I made a note about the tanks, I suspect that is HBs parts for every possible version in different guises philosophy. Plus, I don't think they research a whole lot.

    • exactly Bernard...he was at Midway...then Ewa where i'm sure his plane was tip-top and he was only on the Canal a couple i figured slight wear coming in from Ewa then the white nose cowl was put on at the Canal so at one point the airframe was a little dirtier than the white nose applied later...and your right the Marines had a terrific football team in the 30's...kind of like Air Force in the 80's and 90's...thank you

  10. Great looking wildcat - love the detail and weathering. Very nice!

  11. Don't comment on the drop tanks, although I think they may add something to the look of the model...Anyway, that finish is terrific, really subtle.

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    P.k said on July 23, 2016

    Nice build

  13. thank you very much P.K and i love your Avatar

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    said on July 24, 2016

    Very nice build. It's a mute point but I build to please myself and sometimes I couldn't care less for strict accuracy. It's about fun and what YOU like but I understand your decision.

  15. Nice build Bob, so , it did not have drop tanks?
    Nice faded paint work mate.

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