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Academy Sherman tank dio 1/48 “Fury-esque”

Last year I saw the utterly dreadful “Fury” starring Brad Pitt(s) and although the movie was so awful I did like the tank and decided to have a little change from what I normaly build,I don’t know if I used the correct version of Sherman ,nor do I care, and I haven’t attempted a perfect copy of the tank in the movie just a nod in that direction, not much else to add really.

Cheers N.
P.S for the tank experts take a look at image #3 and see if you can spot my glaring error.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses to Academy Sherman tank dio 1/48 “Fury-esque”

  1. I’m not a war movie fan really, my favourite being “Good morning, Vietnam”, but I have seen a couple of comments on this site about making a model of the tank featured, and yours is the first one I think I’ve seen here.

  2. There is now an accurate kit of the Fury tank – Academy I think.

  3. I liked the movie very much, also like your tank! A little more weathering would be nice, but its great anyway!

    • Thanks Christian,it wasn’t so much the movie but the notion (once again) that Hollywood persists with of a small crew of U.S. soldiers overcoming or in this case nearly overcoming a massively overwhelming opposion of crack SS and of course giving the impression(once again) that America won the war alone…..Hollywood bull!!!t

  4. I must be in the minority, because kinda liked that movie (for entertainment value at least). I’m certainly no armor expert, but I can’t see that “glaring error” you mentioned. What was it?

  5. Oh dear Neil……..
    I did not notice, but I am no expert.
    Still, a nice little dio mate.

  6. I can’t tell if they are wrong or not! I’m no expert with the older tanks though.
    I quite liked the film… A Hollywood interpretation no doubt, but I thought it was better than a lot of the rubbish at the cinema these days. I know what you mean though, every one is a hero in the films these days!
    What about Tarantino’s rendition of Inglorious B words? I really enjoyed that!

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