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AMC 1/72 resin P-40Q

August 30, 2016 · in Aviation · · 9 · 2.3K

This my first and last , I started this kit about ten years ago, After trimming the fuselage halves and finding how brittle this stuff is and a permanent warp in the fuselage, I shelved it. Since getting more active in modeling, I figured I'd make another attempt. I worked on it in between other builds. Plus who else does a P-40Q. Which was Curtiss's last attempt at keeping the line alive. it's supposed to be the P-40Q 2, There are photo's of it in olive drab and the shark mouth. The lone example made, it crashed after the war at a air race. I embellished it a little with side markings and yellow wing stripes. I added the last two photos for comparison, P-40M, P-51B.

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  1. You're more "adventurous" than I, Robert...I wouldn't go anywhere near a resin kit. I don't even particularly like resin aftermarket stuff. Looks like persistence paid off, though.

  2. Good job! I like the look of the P-40Q!

  3. Bob, looks really good, end of the line for the P-40. Not a bad looking aircraft, just not an improvement on the P-51. Whatta shock! Shame, though. I like P-40s.

  4. Glad you finished it in the end, Robert, and it doesn't look so bad, does it?

  5. A P-40Q ! Didn't realise there was a kit of this out there - but well done for preservereing with it - and great to see the last of the P-40's finished

  6. You can see the family resemblance, but what a bland-looking aircraft!

    Great job tackling resin. There are several subjects I'd like to build that only come in resin at this point, but I just haven't wanted to attempt it. I'm hoping that by the time I near the end of my stash, someone will put them into injection molded kits - even if short run!

  7. Didn't know such a kit existed, you're much braver than me to tackle it in resin none the less! But it sure looks good from here.

  8. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Robert, I don't see anything wrong with this build. Resin kits can be a little brittle ( more so in some aircraft ) but it turned out just fine. Good work.

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