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Gauging interest – iModeler Group Build – Flying Boats and Seaplanes

August 23, 2016 · in Aviation · · 20 · 1.2K

The Phantom group build went pretty well and got me to thinking about starting a new one, so here it is. This one will cover flying boats and , something we just don't seem to see enough of. There are hundreds of interesting subjects and color schemes, and flying airplanes off water has been around as long as there have been airplanes.

Please post here if you're interested in participating, and if there's enough response, I'll go ahead and post the rules and get started. I'm thinking about a six month timeframe to get through the holidays and the new year. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Me too. One of my favorite subjects. Quite a few waiting to be built.

  2. I would be in but I don't do too well in group builds as far as getting them done.

  3. But...but...I don't have one of those - other than the 48th Monogram Catalina that I've already built. Oh...and that Albatross (same scale/same manufacturer) that I did a while back. So I wouldn't [technically] be participating in a "group build" if they were to be re-posted along with everyone else's, right? Does that mean I'm out? 🙁

  4. Hey, I'm in,I know I've got one here someplace.

  5. Yes, Hobbycraft Beaver on floats.

  6. yes definitely - thinking He.115 or Cant Z. 506

  7. Let me check my stash, I must have at least one of these.

  8. I would be in, I have something appropriate in the stash, but due to on-going situations, i.e. moving and a back log of builds on the bench will probably have to watch from a far.

  9. i've got an Academy 1/72 PBY lurking in the stash somewhere

  10. Sounds like a great idea. I'd do a 1/48 Short Sunderland if I had one, but also have the same issues as Paul Wilsford. The NMF P-47 I'm doing has taken three months...

  11. Ok, looks like this will be a go!

  12. Jaime - I went to the group build in the groups area, but looks like Martin is going to have to work some of his magic, as I can see that it looks like you tried to set up the new group, but it's not quite there yet... I posted to Martin to help out getting it up and live.

  13. Greg, the computer spazzed on me mid set up and I couldn't get back in to fix it. Martin has taken care of the problem, so we're up and running.

    Thanks, Martin!

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