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Water Wings group build

Ok, here's a quick reminder that you have just a little less than a month to get your seaplanes off the bench! No worries if anyone misses the deadline, just keep them coming. This one was just for fun, after all. After the deadline, I'll coll[...]

Water Wings group build

Happy New Year, everyone! This is just a friendly reminder that the Water Wings group build, dedicated to seaplanes and flying boats of all types, is still going strong. Deadline is March 1st, so you still have a few months to get those builds[...]

Group Build – Water Wings

Ok here's the latest group build. This one will be dedicated to aircraft that were designed for or modified to fly from water. Here are a few ground rules: 1. New build 2. Can be any available plastic, resin or vacuform kit. Any era, any sca[...]

Gauging interest – iModeler Group Build – Flying Boats and Seaplanes

The Phantom group build went pretty well and got me to thinking about starting a new one, so here it is. This one will cover flying boats and seaplanes, something we just don't seem to see enough of. There are hundreds of interesting subjects[...]