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Hey guys remember me?

August 6, 2016 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2K

Well it's certainly been a while since I posted anything on iModeller so I thought I would show you what I've been building in the last couple of years,I'll kick off with a civilianised B17 G based on the lovely kit and using decals from Draw decal by Tim Bradley.

The kit was a pleasure to build as you would expect ,the decals however are a little problematic as they do not respond well to Microsol but with patience a nice result can be achieved.

The story is that TWA bought a post war B17 and kitted it out with a basic airliner interior, the idea was to seek out potential passenger routes in the middle east but the aircraft was sold on after a year or so to the Shah of Persia (Iran) and eventually ended up in France being scrapped in 1970.

Thanks for looking N

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  1. Welcome back Neil. Nice looking B-17, unusual to see it decked out in TWA markings.

  2. Thanks for looking Tom,N

  3. You're right, Neil, it has been a long time since you last posted here, but, hey, it's always better late than never, so a big welcome back! I seem to remember you have a liking for these big US planes, and, as usual from you, this one is in a rarely seen livery. Great work with the decals.

  4. Thanks George ,I have been checking in pretty much every day just not posting or commenting.

  5. Neil, welcome back! Great unusual choice of markings, and thanks for letting me know where they came from. I made myself a note! Swords into plowshares, whatta concept!

    • Thanks for looking Bernard,Swords into Plows ,I like it ,maybe a groupbuild...

      • Neil, the moment I wrote that, I had the same idea. Wide range of choices, limited only by them de-cals. And, as the railroad guys say, lot of "fallen flags". Be a two-fer.
        I always wanted to do a postwar BEA JU-52(!) used on their Scottish service. (ahem) the civil registration was G_AHOG. War prize, I suspect. I've only seen one picture, but it just appealed to me.
        Does anyone do British registration letters for such a thing?

  6. Nice to see you again Neil! Still working on my B-29, but I swear it will get finished! (Decided to cover it with Bare Metal Foil. Regretting that decision after the first engine nacelle!) The civvie B-17 looks nice!

  7. Don't think I've ever seen a "civilianized" Fortress before - looks good.

  8. Welcome back! Was wondering where you'd made off to. Great looking Civvie-17. Not something you'd see every day!

  9. Nice work, interesting subject.

  10. Oi Neil,
    Glad to see you are back, especially with such a nice build.

    • Seamus ! Top 'o the mornin' to ya,I was hoping to hear from you pal,I've been following your work and as usual it blows my socks off,thanks for looking.N.

  11. Nice one stranger LOL.
    You finally got her done then.!
    Good to see you again mate.

  12. new and fresh build NICE!

  13. gorgeous neil

  14. Your back! Good to see you again! Nice build as well, It looks like a big one. Idea for a concept there actually, an Iron maiden 'ed force 1' bomber... Maybe

  15. Yep I'm back .never actually went away ,I've been checking in pretty much every day just not posting or commenting.How about a Heinkel 111 with the Motorhead logo as markings...N.
    Thamks for the nice welcome.

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