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1/35 Dragon DML Jagdtiger Porsche

November 5, 2016 · in Armor · · 10 · 2.7K

Here are some pictures and another short article for you tonight. This is my rendition of the Porsche . This one was inspired by a video I saw online showing the German's surrendering vehicles to the US forces in Southern Germany at the end of WW2. These things were HUGE and if memory serves me correctly, they mounted a 128 MM main gun !

I built this model about 15 years ago. This was my first attempt at "Zimmerit". I used a two part putty called "Zimmit-Right" and Tamiya Zimmerit trowels to duplicate the effect. The only other addition is that here once again I used the "Woodland Scenics" foliage to replicate the tree branch camouflage, which is commonly used by model Rail Roaders in their train displays. The Germans used all sorts of camouflage methods since they lacked air superiority at this point of the war. To move during daylight hours was suicidal.

The Porsche version of the Jagdtiger used a different suspension than the typical Henschel product. The Porsche system used a "truck" which held 4 road wheels (two inner and two outer). This truck pivoted in the center. There are some pictures on line showing that the truck sometimes snapped off while the vehicle was making a turn. I think that only 12-15 of the Porsche Jagdtigers were manufactured, and all had Zimmerit.

I chose to paint mine in a single color, Panzer Gelb. This was the appearance of the once surrendering in the video, albeit black and white. Once this color was applied, I used chalks to make it look like it had been in the field for a little while.

The kit went together without any problems that I can recall. One thing for certain with this one is that the track links are multi part. The outside end links are two individual parts and are very tiny. The carpet monster ate several of them during construction. But the end result is a very realistic looking track that can be positioned as one pleases.

The kit doesn't have any Zimmerit molded on it, so if you want it to be historically correct, you will have to add it. My kit included a small photo etch set that was primarily screen covers for the fan towers and upper grill deck plates.

As usual, comments are welcome.

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  1. Very convincing camo work, my friend...nice build, sir.

  2. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice work Louis, the camouflage is done in a very way.

  3. Stunning little big cat, Louis !

    The added "green" camo and the Zimmerit turns this Jagdtiger into a very convincing build.

    In Otto Carius book, "Tigers in the mud" he stated that the Jagdtiger was not a good construction but his unit surred only one loss, while fighting in the Ruhr pocket in 1945.

    One one incident he took a Sherman und fire which has moved behind a house, using it as a shelter from the Jagdtigers.

    One round destroyed the house the next round destroyed the Sherman.

    May to heavy but with a deadly gun.

    Well done !

    • Thanks you Sir ! I've got to get that book... I will someday build a "Carius" Tiger. I talked with an old WW2 Sherman vet several years ago. He was a driver. He told me how the Germans would shoot through houses with their 88's and still knock out M-4's who thought they were safe on the other side. I can only imagine what a 128 would do...

      • The engines were too weak for such a heavy tank but these Maybach engines were important for the design, while they kept the engine decks pretty compact that saved a lot of space.

        The book is worth a read, not only for his combat with the Jagdtigers but mainly for the fight in Russia, with a lot of details about live conditions in the Wehrmacht.

        After the war he run a apothecary shop, named the "Tiger Apotheke". A very kind man, i was lucky to get a signed copy of his book, shortly before he passed away.

  4. What a brut! Nice work, and background info.

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