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Eduard 1/32 Messerschmitt BF109E-3

November 3, 2016 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments

I picked this kit up over a year ago at a model show. Being the profi-pack you get the nice editions gives you, photoetch, masks and schemes for five Luftwaffe aircraft.
The plastic is nice and detailed as always, but noticed one problem with the kit, on the bottom wing and bottom fuselage pieces, flash is common which has to be a first for me on an Eduard kit. So sanding and tidying up is required before making can start.

The engine and cockpit are a doddle to create, with plenty of detail there's no reason to have them not on show, but once the fuselage comes together on the engine, problems start with fitting. Filler and sanding is required around the air intake when closing everything up, as well as on the very front of the aircraft. Also when installing the engine, make sure the peg for the spinner is straight, as when came to fitting at the end became lop-sided (Note these are the only big problem of the kit).

Wings, separate elevators and flaps go together well along with other intakes. I used Revell aqua colours to paint the aircraft using mostly an airbrush, masking was simple being 1940 Luftwaffe camo, of RLM 02, 71 and 65.

I chose the scheme of "Yellow 15" from 3./JG52, flown by Karl Wolff, the decals being Cartograph had no issues there.

Have to say, in the hands of a modeller, the kit is a beauty to both build and paint, but with the problems within the engine department, unfortunately lets down the kit. However, noticing these issues before placing everything together can same time, and more importantly effort. A kit I would recommend and YES I WILL by buying another other of these kits in the future - the BF109E-1

Note - have a look around at Telford as it will be there !

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9 responses

  1. Those Eduard kits ARE nice, aren't they? Good job on this one, Michael.

  2. Excellent detail, and helpful tips.

  3. Very nicely detailed - looks great!

  4. Beautiful Emil, Michael.

  5. Like it. Nice job.

  6. The 109 is a great subject with a huge selection of paint schemes to choose from. You picked a great one and did a superb job with this. Awesome!

  7. Excellent, Michael! I love these E versions - it's my favorite of the 109 series. Great job!

  8. Very nice. I've got one to build. Can't decide cowls on or off. I know you cant have both in this kit. Does anyone know if the Eduard aftermarket engine and cowl can be fitted cowl on?

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