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1/48 Monogram CF-101 Voodoo.

December 19, 2016 · in Aviation · · 32 · 3.4K

Seemed like a good opportunity to re-shoot the along with Blenheim. This was the close out scheme for the CF-101's. The decals are by Leading Edge The color is a self produced version of Alumi-Grip AA 92-A-312, using Model Master paints, referenced from the Canada Colors Guide paint chip publication. I built this kit quite a while back, and in the mean time a Voodoo Grey color was produced by Model Master, but it didn't match the chip.

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  1. A very nice job indeed...I like it.

  2. Love the outdoor photography! The snow and birch trees make a great backdrop and the early morning/early evening with some clouds make a nice diffused light. The VooDoo still is a sharp looking bird, too bad no one has resurrected one for the show circuit. Where's the Blenheim though?

  3. Hello Phil...a fine model for sure and it looks like you nailed that base color. Good job on both the model and the photography.

  4. Phil, you got it! Right down to the Canadian paint.

    • Thanks Bernard ! Canada developed it's own military color standards system early on. Some were based on the FS standard, some were not, such as this Voodoo color. I. P. M. S. Canada gets high marks for developing their paint chip catalog, and if you don't mind mixing the colors, results speak for themselves.

      • Phil, I figured you'd have to mix your own. Waaay back along the polystyrene trail, that was the only way you could get something similar to what you THOUGHT was on the plane.
        We owe a debt to those who went beyond, and catalogued the colors so we'd have them before they disappeared, or changed.
        We're better off from their efforts.
        I think the MM dropped Canadian Voodoo gray from their line, with some oth er colors. Gotta love them beancounters.

  5. Phil, good looking all around. wonderful camera work.
    " It looks cold there" !

  6. Nice photographs, nice finish, nice markings, just nice!

  7. I love me a Voodoo Phil. That is a fine looking example there. Nice work and the photography really rocks! 🙂

  8. Very nice Phil the Monongram kit still looks good. Natural Light and background looks gives a great effect. Congrats.

  9. Wow! Awesome. In the header pic I thought it was a real plane! Great work!

  10. Nice work - interesting effect on the NMF under the tail - how did you achieve that effect? (always looking for something else to try!)

    • Thanks Greg. The tail end was done with BMF, brushed and washed with a combination of graphite ( just plain ol' ground up pencil lead ) and thinned flat black. I had a good photo of that area to work from.

  11. Great work on a great pane.

  12. With the recent Voodoo postings here lately, you guys may be convincing me to get my Monogram 1/48 Voodoo out of the stash pile... Yours looks very realistic. You have done a wonderful job with it. Looks very cold outside too... I like the background for your photo ops. Well done all around sir !

  13. Very nice. An RCAF Voodoo is on my to do list

  14. Hello Phil,
    Monogram, always good. This is a big model in scale 1/48.
    Working on one at this moment in demo colors.
    You did a very nice job. In the "war"color scheme.
    Regards, Dirk, The Netherlands.

  15. Thanks Dirk ! It is a big model but not cumbersome. Good luck on your build.

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