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Hellcats, Hellcats, Hellcats, and MORE Hellcats...

A few of the models I've built over the years. All are 1:48 scale and they list as follows:

1st two pictures are 's F6F-3/5 kit, built as a -3, flown by Lt. Alex Vraciu of VF-6, off USS Intrepid, (CV-11) Feb 1944.

2nd two, are a F6F-5N, of VF(N)-90, Flown by Lt.(jg) Charles Wattenburger, off USS Enterprise, (CV-6), March 1945

3rd is an kit, F6F-3, of VF-16, flown by Cdr Paul Buie from USS Lexington, (CV-16), March 1944.

Last two are also of an Eduard F6F-5, flown by Cdr Hugh T Winters, CAG-19 off USS Lexington, (CV-16) November 1944.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Outstanding ! Man I love it... Good stuff here.

    Are you up for a possible "Group build" in the future ? I have some unbuilt kits and have been itching to build one as a tribute to a VF-16 pilot I met about 8 years ago.

  2. Good weathering/detail work on those last two and in the second two, are those 20mm cannons I see?

  3. Hellcats galore. Nice series of Grumman's best in WWII (the Wildcat was very good also). Louis you may have an idea for 2017 for a GB. Got one in the stash though just one an F6F-5N. It has been way too long for a USN/USMC WWII build for me.

  4. Nice contribution to the current Hellcat theme, not sure about the group build, you may have to define it.

  5. Amazing, that's a hell of a lot of Hellcats!

  6. Very nice cat, Frederick. Love the worn look.

  7. Nice cats Frederick, didn't realize there was so much interest concerning Hellcats when I posted my -3.

  8. Can there ever be "too many" Hellcats? Of course not! More great looking Grummans there Frederick. Thanks for posting those. 🙂

  9. Very nice collection - some great work there! And since I've been teetering on the brink of pulling a Hellcat from the stash, I'd be open to a GB in January (gotta get past the Water Wings build first...)

  10. We've all gone to Hellcats, great builds.

  11. Thank you to everyone for the kind words.

    As far as a group build goes, does anyone have any experience running one? I do not. I do however, think Louis has come up with a great idea!
    I have a bunch of F6F's in the pile, and one I had been working on, is a 1:32 scale Hasegawa kit. I have to replace the cockpit and gun bays, but otherwise the kit is pretty solid. Beats the hell out of the Trumpy kit in my view. What say you all?

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