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I love a theme....My Hellcat entry

December 4, 2016 · in Aviation · · 14 Comments

's , done right after it's initial release. Prop and tires were replaced with items, and a true Details cockpit set used. The small decals are also Hasegawa. The finish represents a Lexington fighter flown by an ace from VF-16, Ed Wendorf.

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14 responses

  1. Nice lookin' build...I like it. Are we doin' a "theme" thing? Can I post sumthin' that's already BEEN posted (even it was long ago)? Jus' wonderin' is all. 🙁

  2. Looks good, Bill, very neat.

  3. Nice looking Cat Bill.What did you use for the belts?

  4. Oh yes! Now that's a beautiful 'Cat Bill! More Hellcats are what we need; I love those warbirds. I saw my first one in person at an airshow in Temple, Texas a few years ago. I was standing maybe 30 yards away as it and then a P-47 Thunderbolt, taxied by on their way to the flight-line. Shivers down my spine? No doubt about it!

    Fine work indeed Bill.

  5. Your Hellcat looks great ! I'm a big fan of these too. I haven't built my Eduard version yet, but it looks like a nice build.

    I had the opportunity to meet a VF-16 Lexington Hellcat pilot named Arthur Whiteway. His friends called him "Whitey". Sadly he passed away a few years ago. He was a gentleman indeed.

    From time to time I stop by American Aero Services and check out their Hellcat restoration. It's coming along nicely too, so hopefully our wish to get another Hellcat in the sky will come true in a few more years.

    Thanks again for sharing. Great job.

  6. Outstanding Hellcat, Bill! The paint scheme and weathering are superb.

  7. cracking build Bill

  8. That looks just about right. Well done!

  9. Bill, really nice looking model. I really like these markings. Your paint job looks great.

  10. Amazing Hellcat, the too slim wheels in the F6F-3 kit were really not the strongest point in the Eduard kit.
    But otherwise a fine kit. Well done !

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