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1/ 72 Airfix Grumman Widgeon

February 26, 2017 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

The "OLD" Widgeon is older than most the people in this group. I found one at a vendor, at the "right" price, and thought I'd give it another go. Lucky for me, there were about 4 decal sheets in the box, because it took pieces of each to finish this mediocre build. It's OOB, although I did alter the landing gear. It certainly is long in the tooth, and shows it. One of those kits that you just want to finish, put on the shelf, and call it done.

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11 responses

  1. Nice build, good to see some one else doing these old builds.

  2. Looks pretty good to ME, Joe...nice build.

  3. Colourful model Joe, well done for what it is.

  4. I remember this kit so I must be one of the older people on this site... whatever, you've done a fine job with this, so, you've finished it, put it on the shelf, now you can admire it. Good job, Joe. By the way, is part of the group build?

  5. Nicely done Joe, always enjoy looking at those blast from the past kits.

  6. Great job Joe, you did a better build of it than I did.

  7. Joe, considering how basic the kit is, excellent work! Way back, this was also released (or was before) a Goose. I haven't seen one of those in a looong time, only the Gosling. Rats! My allowance didn't stretch that far, and I bought something else, at the time. Some fighter, probably.
    The Widgeon is a tad prettier, have to admit.

  8. I remember building this one too... It hung from the ceiling in my parents house for years. Thanks Joe.

  9. Another nice "old kit" build, and looks good for it's age.

  10. Excellent job, Joe. I love these old seaplanes.

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