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2017 Build Plan (?!)

Well, just for the heck of it, I decided last week what my build objectives are for this year. Part of my problem is that most of my stash is stored in large plastic totes in the garage, and because I don't see them, I don't remember what I've got that I can build! (this didn't used to be the case - at my former home they were on shelves surrounding me in my hobby room...).

So - here's the list for the year. Who knows if I'll get distracted (I already have an Su-22 coming and a set of low-viz Polish decals for it...)

First up - finish the Alf for the Water Wings group build. Decals have arrived from the Ukraine - more about that later...

I've got this one most of the way built. Almost ready to start slapping paint on it.

I'm thinking this will be my Midway group build, since I didn't want to spring for the Valom B-26 kit.

Next is a pair of Sundowner F-5 aggressors. I saw a mag article about these birds, and just loved the combination of color schemes with the brilliant sundowners tail and shark mouth markings. Luckily for me, Italeri just included a set of these decals for the grey-scheme bird in their latest F-5F offering. I paid them to send me an additional set of decals, so I could pull the additional shark mouth and red stencils for the HobbyBoss F-5E. Here's a couple of pics of the real McCoy's:

In no particular order, here are the rest:

This is the Skyraider I put on my on-deck bench last year, with Korean War decals set aside for it.

I love the B-26, and was going to use the Midway build as an incentive to get one built, but realized the 2 kits in my stash were the wrong version. Oh well - gonna build a Marauder anyway!

Yep - a "junk" kit. BUT, I'm gonna doll it up with a set of JASDF Aggressor 2013 decals I got for it:

When I finished my Mig-31 a couple of years ago, using Begemot stencils, I picked up a few more sets of stencils - one for the Yak-38. So...

My favorite aircraft of all time - got more of these in the stash than any other. I love the colorful birds, so this one is going to wear the Greek Ghost scheme (already got the decals). Soon to follow in my Phantom collection will be an Israeli RF-4E (decals already in hand) and a Luftwaffe F-4F (another colorful scheme).

OK - anyone else bold enough to post their build list for 2017?! Come on...!

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  1. Greg, great choices, I'm a huge fan of F-5s, and aggressors/adversaries across the board. Good luck!

  2. As Bernard said Greg , nice selection of builds.
    I can remember building the Airfix Marauder many many years ago.
    Lovely kit but heads up though, she`s a tail sitter.

  3. If you can find the old Monogram Snap-tite B-26 Marauder, it's the right version, and it's 1/72. Need to worry about a cockpit interior though.

  4. Well, looks like you've got more than enough to keep you busy for this year, Greg, and, you're bound to get distracted as well! I don't really have a stash, but this year, for me, is the year of the Porsche, and my target is at least 12 cars. I've posted one this year already (the Moby Dick 935), and have two more on the go at the moment (a 959 road car which has received some major surgery, and a 917 in the classic Gulf blue and orange livery).

  5. You definitely have your work cut out for you. Looks like you have made some nice choices too. I like all of the ones you picked out for building this year.

    Too bad about the Marauders and our Midway build. I understand completely though. I didn't have any luck trying to find a Monogram / Mattel Snap-Tite B-26 either... However the SBD you picked out looks like a new promising candidate...

    I don't think I'm that gutsy to post up my "projected" builds. Who knows though... ?

    Thank you my friend, and we are looking forward to more builds from you throughout the year.

  6. I'm sorry Greg, but someone has to say it: 'you're dreaming'! Everyone knows that in this hobby good intentions like this don't last past your next login to eBay, or the next time you pop into your local hobby store. But good luck anyway haha 😁

  7. Go get em Creg, that is until you see something at an airshow, museum,movie or hobby shop then all bets are off.

  8. One should remain flexible. That's my excuse. All over the place, more like it. Hunter-gatherer recessive genes.
    Aim high! Excelsior! Ad astra!

  9. I don't even HAVE as many kits from which to choose such as yours. As for "projected builds", I have no plans - none. Truth be known, I haven't had the time, inclination nor motivation to even consider taking time out at the bench. I have a lot on my plate at home right now (long story) and don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. I've got two of the new Z-M 48th scale F-4J Phantoms that I'd really like to do start soon, but...

    I don't even know for sure I can get that 50% completed Dauntless finished in time for the Midway theme. Gotta have the "bug" for plastic-fondling and just don't have it. The mojo is gone. Depressing.

  10. Exciting choice ! I guess it will be complicated to build all these models this year... but good luck Greg.

  11. Looking forward to the Alf!

  12. Nice selection of picks, Greg. Now go out in those totes & see what you have ... you'll probably find a gem or 2!

  13. There are some nice projects within your plan, have a lot of fun building them!

  14. Well, took the plunge and posted my own 'build plan'. Thanks for the inspiration!

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