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Monogram 1/48 F-105D Thunderchief

March 28, 2022 · in Aviation · · 28 · 1.8K

The F-105D was a Mach 2 fighter bomber workhorse that conducted the majority of strike missions during the early years of the Vietnam war. A typical mission to North Vietnam from Takhli, Thailand, the F-105D carried two 450 gal wing mounted fuel tanks, a 390 gal fuel tank in the bomb bay and 6 MI 117 750lb bombs on the centre line rack with two MK 82 500lb bombs on the outer wing pylons as this model is shown. On this mission the F-105D would need inflight refueling going to and sometimes returning from Hanoi some 700 miles distant.

This is the somewhat long on tooth kit from 1998 with the raised panel lines and all. I built the kit straight out of the box with the exception of the KMC cockpit. the decals are from Aeromaster 48-375 Takhli Thunderchiefs.

The markings are of F-105D "Frito Bandito" flown by Major Jose Olvera of the 355 Tactical Fighter Wing at Takhli,Thailand 1970.

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  1. Very nice work on a oldie but goodie. The newer recessed panel lined HB kit isn't all that great or accurate (I know cause I've built one.)

  2. Excellent job on the classic Monogram, Paul, and a superb result!

  3. Very nice Thud. The 105 is probably my favorite aircraft shape - just looks both fast and dangerous sitting still.

  4. Fantastic result. Great build of a classic, the raised panel lines look just fine to my eye, especially for a rugged warrior like this one. Cockpit is superb as well!

  5. Oh god, you've given me a severe PTSD episode seeing this!

    My second model returning to the hobby as an adult was Revell's F-105D Twinstick II version of this old 1982 original moulding. Man, I bit off far more than I could chew and that kit took me a year on and off to build and very nearly caused me to give up on the hobby. Having basically no experience and no airbrush sure didn't help!

    Your example looks far better than mine turned out! I never finished the bombs and quickly put it aside when the airframe was done. I learnt the lesson of going on scalemates and checking when a kit was first tooled, not just when the reboxing released.

  6. Very nice build of an iconic aircraft and model. The monogram kits were easy to put together and the cockpits well detailed for their time. I also found the 1/72 kits equally well done. Nicely finished.

  7. Superb build of this 105, Paul @ramair67
    Great camo and weathering done.
    Also the interior looks amazing, very detailed.

  8. Really nice work here. This kit is still superior to HB's sad failure. You're gotten the most from what's in the box.

  9. A great looking Thud!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  10. Thanks Robert !

  11. Outstanding result. Did it require a lot of nose weight, and if so was this called for in the instructions?

  12. Really nice looking Thud Paul. Once worked with a 105 driver who flew them in SE Asia. Called it the triple threat, bomb you, strafe you, fall on you. Job well done on that old kit.

  13. Thank you Tom !

  14. Great work on a classic! ? As usual, there is lot's of bang for the buck in a Monogram kit and you've made the most of it! Thanks for sharing this with us. ?

  15. Love me some F-105. I fondly remember 2 105B’s from the Jersey ANG flying under me in me in my little Piper Cherokee as a 16 year old in 1980. I was at 2000 ft. I can still see the the pilot of one of them looking up and giving me a visual!

  16. Great memory Jim, must have been an awesome sight.

  17. Nice work, Paul. In addition to being pretty accurate, that kit assembles well too. It’s one of Monogram’s best kits. Great paintwork like yours is all it really needs to stand out.

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