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Did I Tell You I Like Jugs?

It took a week longer than I expected but, here’s the second of my 1/144 P-47D razorbacks from Platz. I think this one turned out a little better than the previous one. I had to do some reshaping on the tips of the Curtis Electric prop but after getting everything together, they could probably use a little more. Oh well, next time.

Another enjoyable build for me. If you haven’t tried one of these little Platz kits, you should consider trying one.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses to Did I Tell You I Like Jugs?

  1. Awesome job! Wish I could build that scale. Just too dang small for these old eyes! Nice Jug.

  2. A real nice Jug! I barely can get my fingers to handle 1/72, If you didn’t mention the scale, I’d think it was bigger.

  3. Holy C**p…..they ARE 1/144th scale (unless you super-sized that quarter). Nice job!

  4. It HAS to be one of those Jumbo sized quarters Craig.

    Amazing job Scott. I really would have thought it was a much larger scale plane.

  5. Terrific painting job Scott. Really impressive!

  6. Nicely done Scott, don’t know how you masked the canopy, way too tiny for me.

  7. Personally I like bigger jugs but these are undeniably cute.

  8. Great job for a 1/144!!!!

  9. Beautifully done!

  10. Thanks to my friend Dennis for noticing I wrote bubble tops instead of razorbacks! Correction made.

  11. Awesome job, especially considering the scale.

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