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Junkers Ju388 in British Markings

April 20, 2017 · in Aviation · 14 Comments

My father has finished another model. He has built a Junkers Ju388.

This model is part of the group of captured WWII aircrafts with British markings.

We have many models to build in the future. Here are all the German aircrafts with British markings done so far.



14 responses

  1. Beautiful! I wish there were more pictures of all the individual planes. That would be a LOT of photos!

    • Many thanks. Well, I have posted a lot of our series in this great website.
      We have many models done and much more photos of them.

      Many thanks. Yes, It is the Contrail Vacform kit.
      Right now we have 753 (49%) models done correctly , 120 (8%) models to be rebuilt since they were done many years ago (during my father childhood) and 672 (43%) kits .
      The total number is 1.545 so far.

  2. Your father is a talented model maker...what you need now is to find a talented cabinet maker... 🙂 🙂

  3. Hi Santiago,
    I certainly enjoy seeing you fathers models, they are always impressive.
    From your photographs of the display, he is certainly a prolific builder as well. I wish I could turn them out that fast.
    Would you please tell me about the silver British twin engine prototype with the contra-rotating propellers that is in the close up picture of the display case. It's at the very back, behind the Ju-388 under the wing of the Short Maia. Thanks

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    said on April 20, 2017

    Another great build. Your father has incredible talent and patience to match.

  5. Very nice - and an unusual subject.

  6. I really like the elegant lines of the 388 and I've always had a real soft spot for that 'dragonfly' canopy. Agree with Craig, you're gonna need a bigger cabinet!

  7. Gentlemen, for info, Raul's aim is building a collection of all and every type and version of aircraft that served in RAF colors during WW2. I believe that's the reason why he tends to
    build them in batches by subject. Also, he must have over 1,000 (?) completed models by now - therefore I'm not sure how many models we can see in that cabinet, but I'm pretty certain there are many more cabinets ...

    Santiago, please send my warmest regards :). PLease keep them comin' /m

    • Hi. Many thanks!
      Well, so far these are the numbers
      753 (49%) models done correctly
      120 (8%) models to be rebuilt since they were done many years ago (during my father childhood)
      672 (43%) kits .
      The total number is 1.545.

  8. Amazing. Just amazing. Muy bien hecho, Raul. Increible!

  9. Santiago, that' a rare one! And unusual markings, considering it's provenance. I'm beginning to like the idea of "under new management" aircraft. Freeman Field in 1946. Press on! Good show!

  10. Very nice! Impressive builds.

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