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Roden Be2c attempt!

July 23, 2022 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1K

Second go at a Be2c for a friend who's Great Grandfather flew them. Very tricky mounting top wing and an absolutely massive rigging job.Not perfect by any means. I wouldn't want to tackle Airfix's 1/72 version of this! It's a lovely looking aircraft and I'm sorely tempted by the Lukograph 1/32 kit.

Photography doesn't half show up flaws 🙂

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  1. From the pictures it does look amazing already, Ross @ross4
    The rigging is impressive.

  2. I agree with @johnb, Ross: looks wonderful!

  3. Beautifully done!

  4. Cool Roden... need your expertisse... please, how did you do to attach the wings? the contact surface is too small to safely fix with the cement

    • Ahh The Wings. First off the bottom wing broke as the attatchment between the fuselage part and the wing is very flimsy. My first attempt at attatching the top wing to the cabane struts ended in a fiasco with me throwing the model across the room. Second attempt (second purchase of the kit) I tried attatching the top wing to the cabane struts first. Then got my partner to help. That failed also as there wasn't room for 2 people. Eventually got a bit of expanded polystyrene as a jig to hold the top wing in place while I superglued the cabane struts to the fuselage. Once that was done I knew I could finish the kit. I really don't like CA. Unless it sticks first time it looks like the Elephant Man all round the area in no time!

      Poly cement is no good. Once youve got the top wing in place you've gotta get it glued. It will hold there after that and fitting the other struts is relatively easy.

    • If I may add some potential help. When I did mine, I attached all the struts etc , then placed the top wing upside down and attached each part as it lay that way. making sure all the angles were correct as I went. The weight of the bottom wings helped keep a bit of pressure as the glue dried. I just used super glue and accelerant, doing one at a time and making sure it lined up. Hope that helps. Y9ou can see mine in my page if you like. It was a fun build. All the best, Paul

  5. The early reviews for this kit didn't mention the wing mounting problems, but they had to be there. The problems don't show in your finished success, nor does the kit thrown against the wall show up, so your finished assembly elicits only admiration. The mixed colors and decal locations do set this version apart - it should look fantastic on the shelf alongside other more standard WWI aircraft. Can't say I'd ever be able to do the rigging, but I've added this kit to my next order.

    That's a nice printout of the Irish folk-song waltz. Does it have a direct association with this Be2c or its pilot and observer?

    • No its there because my parner has it in her photography box for stained glass constructions! At least she can sell the products of her hobby!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  6. Very nice - yep, I avoid that kind of rigging at all costs, especially since I only build 1/72!

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone.It's a real fun forum!

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