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1/35 British Light Tank.

May 29, 2017 · in Armor · · 23 · 1.9K

Finished this build on the weekend took me 8 days to complete just working at my snail pace,it is a scale but its more like building a scale its so so TINY,and those springs total madness,the little ones had to go inside the bigger ones,I gave up doing aircraft because I thought they were hard,it also had a small amount of P-E parts my pet hate trying to stick those tiny parts using super glue more times it gets stuck to my fingers or when I think it is in place and I take the tweezers away it is on the end of them.think sometimes you have to have a little madness to do this hobby,any way it helps with me,the madness I mean HA HA!,this tank was used in the desert war not with a lot of success just not enough fighting power against the Panzers,and it only traveled at my pace slow, hell if I would have liked to be in one with them firing at me,all those rivets flying around inside the tank,brave men indeed. Well have a look round and Nitpick if you like LOL! P.S sorry I forgot to tell you its a MK VIB North African colour scheme and a Vulcan Kit

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  1. Great little build! You just help me identify an old Dinky die cast tank I've had forever.

  2. Nice presentation, Jim...what'd ya do - take it to the beach for pictures? LOL

    • How did you guess,I only live 2 blocks from the ocean,it`s the excuse I use to tell the wife I have to go and take photos of my models,nothing to do with those girls in bikinis,anyway an old guy can look.

  3. Very cool Jim. I don't think I have ever seen this one built up before. Was it based on the Bren Gun chassis ?

    It kind of reminds me of the Academy 1/35 scale Stuart "Honey" that is in my build pile. It has similar camouflage on it. Thanks for sharing this one with us. I really like it. I'll bet the tiny springs were fun ...

    • I`m not sure the springs were fun but the wife learnt some new words,yes I have a Stuart on my shelf,and I did the same thought it was very similar,Vickers-Armstrongs built a series of tanks for the British Army this one was the final type,it had been enlarged in the turret to allow for a 3 man crew,found nothing to say it was based on the Bren gun chassis,fire power was one water cooled .303 inch and one .50 inch Vickers machine gun.Thanks for your comments..Cheers.

  4. Jim, I can't believe them springs in the suspension. They really add something. This is one I didn't know was out there in 1/35th. I'd be curious to see a standing figure next to it, I'm thinking it's kinda small. I do remember seeing these in documentary films, early on in the desert war. I thought they'd have a bad time of it, even up against the itailian armor. Say the M-40ish stuff.

    • Thanks Bernard,from what I read they gave the Italians a good run for their money,in the late 40s the British Forces in Africa had 200 light tanks most were MK VIB along with Cruisers and Infantry tanks.Yes those springs were a bit of a nightmare,but after the first one they did get a little easier,and they sure do look cool when finished,Im not sure why they had to have the small spring going into the larger one as it is not seen,may be this is what`s on the real Tank,never seen one close up,did find a site that had a walk round on this tank,but still not sure,also I have seen some built with the wired up spot light and smoke guns,but I could not find any pics to tell me for sure were these went so I chose to leave off.Yes it is small with a crew of 3 you sure want to be good friends,talk about togetherness.Thanks again.

  5. Like most things British, it strikes me as quirky. But they do have a certain charm. Three guys inside that? Egad! The more I look at this, the more it grows on me.

  6. Great article, Jim.
    Didn't they use to drop these things from planes? A great read (love your humor) and a great build.

    • Some of the soldiers who worked on these tanks in WW2 would have thought it would have been a good idea to drop them from planes,but no I`m reasonably sure they didn't drop them from planes,sorry about the humor I'm about 4th generation Australian and we do like to make humor of life,and the last five years I have been fighting cancer on to fronts have come close to the big model shop in the sky,so I try not to take life to seriously.Have fun and happy modeling.

  7. Kudos to you, Jim. You are an inspiration.

    • Thanks to everyone and this site has given me another dimension to my life,inspiration not sure,but will print this so my wife can see it,next time she asks me to put the trash out,will say don't think a man with inspiration should do that,think it will work?Thanks to all the inspirational guys on this site.

  8. Good job, Jim! I like that paint. Very interesting subject. Like you, the thought of rivets flying around inside will turn your hair a different colour!

  9. Very cool subject, and an excellent job on it.

  10. Very nice work Jim, I love that paint job, it's inspiring!

    • Thanks Michel,that was one of the main reason I bought this tank I knew this was the colour scheme I wanted to use,it was a little time consuming,with the masking as this tank was so small,I think I'm right and they call it Caunter a little like the splinter camos in aircraft.cheers

  11. Great posting, Jim, I enjoyed looking at the build pictures as much as the finished model. Maybe you could get on of those bikini clad beauties to pose with the tank so that we get an idea of the size (of the model that is!).

    • Thanks George,I usually just build the model then take pics,but its nice to see a build as it progresses,I must say I google a model I am building and find out if anyone has had any problems,it does help,funny you said that about the bikini girl,I did bring one home once but my wife told me to take her back,I did try to explain?Cheers

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