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1/72 Japanese WW2 Aircraft

May 25, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 Comments

Thought I might put up some aircraft I built a while back they are all the zero is and the other 2 are , both with name tags so you can see each model type, the build and fit all went together well,the only problem I found was with the decals on the Hasegawa the decals had a silver finish to them as you may be able to see on the wings,I put a coat of clear over the top but this did not improve, in hindsight I would have painted the small red markings on the wing by hand,the build is straight out of the box,I just like the shape of these little planes,I`m not adept hand at aircraft my field is AFV if I make a mistake I can throw a little more mud on,the only thing with aircraft is if you do that it only blows of when they take off.Cheers and enjoy.

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15 responses

  1. A very nicely presented trio there, Jim, like I said earlier, these Japanese planes really have a distinctive and attractive appearance.

  2. Nicely done, Jim. Mud would be interesting! That Shinden has always caught my eye. Very futuristic.

  3. Interesting presentation, I to assume you designed that "base" yourself?

  4. Nice trio, and an interesting way to display them. Great job.

  5. Great builds !

  6. Very nice builds. I really like how you have them displayed. Not being nitpicking but I think that your Zero has a mistaken identity. That is really OK though since it happened a lot during WW2 with this exact same plane due to their similarities. I'm pretty sure that you Zero is actually a Nakajima Ki-43 "Oscar". The Oscar was flown by the Imperial Japanese Army. They look so much like each other. Thanks again for sharing these pictures of your building with us. I really like all of these, especially the display feature that you came up with. Two thumbs up Sir ! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments,nitpick all you like as I said I built all straight out of the box even used the box art for colours,Im sorry if the decals are wrong,but I enjoy all the feed back good or bad,Im starved of any talk time with my models,I do have a good friend who lives in another state and he has been building model aircraft all his life,he is a walking encyclopedia on them and Im sure like you he would have picked me up on this mistake,so this is fine Ive got to say to all out there that I get a frill chatting over my models,I am retired and do spend many many hours at this great hobby,so thanks again I just hope I am not boring anyone out there.

      • Please don't think that you are boring anyone here Jim. I personally like to see your builds. Thank you for taking the time to post them my friend. I appreciate that. It is a great hobby. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy it too. I think that this is the best website.

  7. Jim, not to nitpick, but Louis is right. That is a KI-43 Hayabasa, not a Zero. It's a Japanese Army fighter, the Zero is Navy.
    All are nicely done, and well presented. All you need to do is to change the caption on the Oscar.

  8. Wow 2 nitpickers I`m doing well here,no thanks very much guys I will correct my mistake posthaste.

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