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Bf 109E-4 in my favorite scheme….

May 5, 2017 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2K

... the venerable E4/7 kit with crucial decals supplied by the most helpful and generous Mr. Randy Lutz. Other decals scrounged from various sources. Used an cockpit set and Quickboost gun barrels. Lazied out on brake lines and boo-booed by failing to notice the wing sink marks until final paint. Ahhh well... as they say, there's never been a perfect model built. I am pleased with the paint job though- probably my best airbrushing to date. 76 is a conglomeration of Tamiya light blue and various amounts of white & German grey added, 02 is Tamiya with about 40% white added, and the 71 is Mr. Color. Now I need to pick a scheme for the Eduard E-3...

Cheers and thanks for looking!

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  1. That turned out quite nicely, Stan...I like that a lot. 🙂

  2. With or without the wing sinkmarks it looks like very neat work from here.

  3. Stan, this turned out great, I didn't notice any sink marks and please don't point them out, this is just an enjoyable model to look at. Well done !

  4. It's the ground crew and them heavy jackboots, again. Denting up the wings! A little worn metal painting, sorted.
    Nice looking Messerschmidt.

  5. Very nice Emil ! I really like this one. I have one very similar to it, but yours looks a lot nicer !

  6. There may have never been a perfect model built, but some come pretty close.
    Looking forward to your Eduard E-3! There is nice one in Munich, Deutsches Museum with a green spinner and an eagle head.

  7. Nice work, Stan.

    PS. You might want to go back to 'Edit' in your article and choose Aircraft rather than the Uncategorized category, for clarity.

  8. Agreed, lovely Emil in a great scheme that always puts me in mind of a wolf for some reason. Can I ask, did you do anything special to the canopy - it's so clear?

    • Special ingredient for this canopy- Dumb luck! Dirty, smeared or scratched canopies are usually my nemesis... dodged the bullets on this one somehow.

  9. Very nice 109 Stan! SInk marks? Well, I saw a couple dents in the metal; don't all 109s have some somewhere? 🙂
    Beautifully painted!

  10. Nice! mystery dents or crunches left by ground crew are all too common.

  11. Stan, Emil's are cool and yours is no exception-Really Nice job!

  12. Great-looking 109! Well done Stan,

  13. Thanks for the compliments (and excuses 😉 ) all!

  14. Nice work Stan, these early Luftwaffe schemes always look good particularly on an Emil - nice work indeed.

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