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1/48 Hobbyboss FW190 V18

August 13, 2019 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.4K

First post here so i might as well pick my latest completed piece! The Hobbyboss V18 experimental version of the FW series. Bit of a quick blurb on it..

The FW190 V series was the development to the FW190 to resolve its achilles heel, high altitude combat and flying in general. Tank started looking at ways to address the altitude performance problem early in the program. In 1941, he proposed a number of versions featuring new power plants, and he suggested using turbochargers in place of superchargers. The V18 prototype was the first to feature the full high-altitude suite of features from all the previous development. A pressurized cockpit, longer wings, a 603G engine driving a new four-blade propeller, and a Hirth 9-2281 turbocharger. Unlike the experimental B models, V18 had a cleaner turbocharger installation, running the required piping along the wing root, partially buried in the fillet, and installing both the turbocharger air intake and inter cooler in a substantially sized teardrop shaped fairing under the cockpit. This pouch or scoop led to the "Känguruh" (Kangaroo) nickname for these models. V18 was later modified to the V18/U1, with a downgraded 603A engine, but a new DVL turbocharger that improved power to 1,600 PS at an altitude of 10,700 m.

This 190 is just a cool looking plane and a nice niche version in the FW line. The HobbyBoss kit is fairly basic, three sprues plus the canopy. Paint is a mix of Tamiya XF22+XF49 for the all over RLM02 and Vallejo airbrush alumium for the metal. Exhaust piping is a home brew mix of the Vallejo silver, gunmetal and a drop of grey. You will need to do a bit of cut and shut work with the cowling removing the bulges and puttying up the holes and then a small amount of putty for the forward fuselage otherwise she fits together beautifully. Seat belts are scratch built items, Tamiya tape over foil, buckling made out of wire, painted and lightly weathered. I find i can whack up a pair in under an hour that pass the eye test. Overall it is a really nice little weekend kit.

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  1. Very unique looking build and scheme, Jimmy...I like that a lot! Welcome aboard. 🙂

  2. stunning...wonderful to look at

  3. Nicely done Jimmy, really like that paint scheme. Looks like you also shop at IKEA from the looks of your display case. Oh, BTY, welcome aboard, you'll enjoy iModeler.

  4. You're definitely A Force To Be Reckoned With, Jimmy. This is excellent work. Having built this one myself, it's easy to see all the good stuff you did here. Congratulations and welcome.

    • Kind words Tom, i'm fairly sure i stumbled across your build when the kit was a new release in my research? It's always nice to have these references unlike the old days when we had a couple of books if lucky!

  5. Exceptional work, Jimmy! Welcome to iMod. This is a new version to me ... I like that - a lot!

  6. A great-looking 190! Welcome to the site - I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  7. Great entrance, Jimmy - an experimental high altitude Dora to get the ball rolling! Great painting - a real stunner!

  8. Jimmy, @hetstaine
    I just accidentally stumbled across your FW-190 V-18 article here... Man you nailed it ! I have this exact same kit in the stash, but I have yet to build it. Only because after I purchased the kit, I have since found out the exhaust pipes on the real one were located deeper into the wing root, and not as exposed as HB has molded it.

    I REALLY want to build it up as part of our current Luftwaffe group... part of me want to say "to heck with it" and go for it as is... Then my modelling OCD kicks in and I chicken out, knowing good and well that I will possibly try to modify the exhaust arrangement.

    Your kit looks VERY nice, and I commend you. I definitely pressed the "liked" button too. Well done my friend.

    • I struggled enough getting hold of the kit and learning at the time at the time, let alone modifying it 😀

      She is an easy build, bit of a basic kit, and something i'd like to redo in the future myself. Get into it Louis!

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