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Meng 1/35 TS-025 Merkava

May 30, 2017 · in Armor · · 20 Comments

Hello everybody,
I started model building 1 year ago. This is my 5th model.

25 additional images. Click to enlarge.

20 responses

  1. Really nice lookin' build, Robert (and equally nice photography, too)...welcome to the site. I'm quite sure you'll find it very user-friendly and a discover a nice bunch of modelers here as well.

  2. Great build and especially the perfect weathering. Terrific photos, also. There's no way this looks like a "fifth model"

    As Craig said, you'll like this site. Full of great people with amazing skills.

  3. Robert, this looks wonderful, well done !

  4. Very well built Robert,I have built the same model from meng and find all their kits first rate,really nice touch with ball and chain,I just used the PE that came with the kit,I did not know they had a after market kit for this tank,until after I built it,have seen fine builds on this model tank and your is well up there,I found it is one of the biggest tanks on my shelf,the Israelis shore know how to build and refine tanks,Hope you enjoy this site as much as I have.Welcome cheers.

  5. Meng do some nice kits and you've done a good job with this one, Robert, welcome to iModeler.

  6. This is amazing for your 5th model; you sure learn fast! Beautifully done, Robert. Superb detailing!

  7. Thank you for such a nice reception and appreciation of my work.
    @jim wasley, @George Williams: INMHO Meng is doing great job - model kits are very detailed, the build is smooth and easy.

  8. Welcome Robert, very work, I enjoyed the view.

  9. Very impressive Merkava. Looks to me like you have that born with talent.
    I saw a mention of the ball and chain armor in an earlier post. Where did you get yours?

  10. A challenging kit, well modelled.

  11. Great looking Merkava! I love the finish here. I remember reading a quote from the great Tony Greenland regarding his quite clean armor builds, I'm paraphrasing, "I'm trying to represent the vehicle, not the terrain in which it operated". I loved that attitude, and I like seeing clean tanks sometimes as well as the very dirty ones!

    That's a winner Robert! 🙂

  12. If that's 5 models in, you're on your way to building some contest winners! Looks great.

  13. 5 ? Smashing !

  14. Cool tank! The Meng kits are fantastic, I've built a couple myself.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your builds.

  15. Robert, welcome! Five in a year is a really good rate of building. Keep up the great work!

  16. Nice! and welcome.

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