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1/35 LAV(A)-2

June 6, 2017 · in Armor · · 20 · 1.9K

Hope you fly guys don't mind if I throw a sea land vehicle in as these guys fought in the Pacific,the kit is a , it went together on it's own it was that easy,I used some artistic licence with this kit,so please enjoy it as it is and not to much for accuracy thanks.

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  1. Harriet is a beautiful build. nice job sir.

  2. Don't think I've ever seen one of these built, Jim...nice work - I like it! 🙂

  3. Thanks Robert and Craig,Gee you guys are fast.

  4. Years ago, Adams had something similar in 1/40th, with a turret mounted 75 MM, which I had. Dozens of little rollers!
    This the one they called Alligator, or Buffalo? Amphtrack.

  5. Bernard the origins of the LTV can be traced back to the Alligator a civil vehicle for rescues in swampy areas,the MKII known as the Buffalo was an improved version,later versions had a ramp out back for the troops much safer,than climbing over the side,Amphibious landing craft also were known as Amphtrack,Amtrak or Amtrac just depends on what book you pick up.Thanks.

  6. Nice work Jim. I like it a lot. Your correct about its origins as well.

    • PS. My dad called them Amtracks just as you mentioned.

      • He talked about how they were used at the Inchon landing in Korea. Sorry for so many posts.

        • Please don't apologies I enjoy all posts, and any feed back is always welcome from you and all others, it makes my day,some of them put a smile on my face .I've been to the States twice and I found all welcoming and friendly,though they all had trouble with my accent and some words I used.Just like here this kit really is a LVT(light vehicle tracked) but some where I read they called them (light armoured vehicles) talk about put the cat among the pigeons,or I can't see the LAV's for the LVT's,this should make it as clear as mud,or as I said it could be my accent,wife just said dumb and dumber,think she might be right?

          • Too funny my friend...
            Dad said they also used them throughout Korea (in other places besides Inchon), as a personnel carrier, that is when they didn't use their LCB's. (Leather Combat Boots)...
            G'day Mate ! (in my best accent)

        • Close but no cigar,needs a little work on the G-E-DAA! Buddy.

  7. Nice work Jim, I can't remember seeing any of these at model shows. Good job

    • Thanks Tom,maybe because it's an old kit,and everyone has built it years ago,I pick up a lot of my kits on E-Bay out of China and they have some old kits there. living in a isolated area with no model shops I can not walk into a shop,and pick up models,only way I keep up with kits is by buying the model mags that are sold at my local paper shop.Cheers

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