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1/72 Ilyushin IL-28 Bomber (h-5 Bomber)

June 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.2K

This is a Kit,I bought on line for $1.99cents,yes cheap,and that's what the kit reflected,Trumpeter I read took over some kits from Italeri,and this was some of their early tooling.all guide pins had to be sanded,and so many lumps and bumps,not being a aircraft builder(this is the first one for many years)I had trouble with some part fits the instructions were wrong with a sprue number which did not exist,did not find this part till the final part was left on the hat goes off to you guys that build these all the time,I've never had to fit sand and re-fit so many parts,well I did get there in the end,I modeled this kit on the Chinese H-5 Bomber,and the marking are from an Egyptian aircraft,I used what spare decals I had and doctored them up.Cheers.

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  1. Interesting model Jim, I think the thirteenth looks a better option !

  2. Thanks Allan,your thinking like me(2 great minds think alike),I was going to choose that one but when I counted down I made a mistake and built the wrong one.O'well.

  3. Unique build, Jim...a nice addition to the collection.

    • Thanks Craig,only thing with aircraft they take up so much room on the shelf,can park the AFV much easier,only have 2 more air crafts in my kit stash to build then will retire.

  4. Maybe that old Airfix one I've had for eons isn't so bad, after all!
    Jim, it looks good to me, particularly after all the problems you note. One of their earlier kits?
    Bilek also had one, which i've never seen built. Given how many of them were built, not one you see modeled much.

    • Thanks Bernard the build may have been more me not building many air craft I was not sure of some fits,when you look on line for info they always seem to have the wrong side that you want to look at,some pics you see I later weathered it as planes don't have the many angles of AFV and I just couldn't help myself had to throw some dirt on it.

  5. Hmm - I picked up that Trumpeter kit (for not nearly as cheap as you), because I wanted to build a Nigerian Beagle. Thanks for the heads up! Your build looks very nice!

    • Yes Greg if it is the same kit I built just look out for instructions on page 5, D3 and D4 no such animal,memory service me right they are on sprue A and look out for part A4 placement is a little vague again with this kit test fit everything before gluing,and one final thing the figure in the front head sits up to high had to take so much of his(what he sits on) and his shoes,looked like Boso the clown when finished.Cheers.

    • Greg, the one they painted overall flat black? During the Biafran war! I remember seeing a photo in an article, and thought about it, myself. Sinister looking airplane.

  6. Jim, I like the open canopy and the nose compartment. Adds something. There was nothing about WARPAC aircraft but conjecture, grainy photos, and guessed at drawings for years, which is probably why they still fascinate me. The Evil Empire and its hardware.

    • Bernard can't say I cringe when I sand and rearrange my figures I do this for their own good,had no complains from any of them yet!The Chinese built this air craft under licence from Russia and lots of countries used them,saw one on line that was 2 tones of blue,not hard to paint,but it had a polar bear near its nose,and I'm not that good not in 1/72,the plane was painted for an air show in England but it crashed,I think it was a day before it was to go,all crew survived,and it was the only one they painted that colour,thanks Bernard for all the feed back I enjoy it.Cheers

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