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Announcing the “Year of the Cat” Group Build

June 21, 2017 · in News · · 57 Comments
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  1. Announcing the “Year of the Cat” Group Build
  2. “Year of the Cat” Group Build recap………………

”Year of the Cat”

Traditionally, the Chinese have a calendar year that is named after some sort of animal. This year is the “Year of the Rooster”. So what do you think about this?

The year of the “Cat”... Anything would go that was named after any sort of Cat / Feline.

I’m talking about most of the Grumman planes, Hellcat, Wildcat, Bearcat, Tigercat, Panther jets, Cougars, F-14 Tomcats,

Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawks, “Flying Tiger’s” SEPECAT Jaguar’s, what have you……………..

But wait... there’s more!

To add in a small twist for our fellow Armor builders, what about including anything Armor related such as Tiger’s, Panther’s, Jagdpanther’s, Jagdtiger’s, Sturmtiger’s, Bergepanther’s, Leopard tank’s, Puma’s and so on? Triumph Tiger motorcycles, various cars and Jaguar vehicles would all qualify too.

Basically anything that was named after a cat of some sorts - any scale or “Cat” subject would do. If you can find a boat or a ship with a “Cat” name or designation, it would work too.

George Williams came up with another brilliant twist. Why not carry it over until the Chinese New Year? It’s on February 16th, 2018, and ironically, it is followed by the “Year of the Dog” next. This will give us even more time to complete our projects.

We can start posting our reveals on February 16th, 2018, when ironically, the next Chinese Year is the "Year of the Dog" (seriously, it is)... However if you don't want to wait that long, go for it and post up your completed projects when you get them done.

So... What do you think? Do you care to build a Cat?

Everyone is invited to join. Here's a link to the Group Build.

Hopefully this one will turn out like the recent Midway Group Build... Like in the Midway build, I will have to ask for assistance with this event on occasion.

So, without further delays, Lets get cranking out some Cats! Please feel free to start your Build Log.

Thanks everyone...


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57 responses

  1. I'm in with a Kitty Hawk Jaguar Gr.1, in 48th scale, it will be an Operation Granby bird in Desert Pink. · on youtube
    • Sounds great Chuck ! If it turns out half as nice as your Midway Group Builds did, you will have a real head turner for sure ! Go for it...

      • My first Kitty Hawk kit ever, I am aware of how difficult these kits can be. So I am up for the challenge, and looking forward to the project. I was also thinking of doing a Jag of a different kind. Now if I can find a kit of the Jaguar XKE. Back to the music "Year of the Cat". Al Stewart

  2. Well, hell...maybe with a deadline that far away, I may be able to actually get something new done by then. I'm in.

  3. Im in with a 1/48 Hellcat soon as i get back from vacation

  4. Well, I think I can probably meet that deadline! I have a Panther almost done already with a /cougar near paint. It would give me an excuse to bust out my Academy Tomcat and get cracking on it too! (Built one as a kid and loved it!) All I can say is Robert Royes is going to love your cover shot!

    • Thanks Josh ! We will be looking forward to seeing your builds. Please fell free to post up as many as you like... I want to crank out a few more F6F's soon. (Possibly a F9F too).

      I hope that Robert approves... Felix has always been one of my favorite "Cats" along with the "Pink Panther"... who was just too cool.

  5. What about a Catalina...
    lol N.

  6. Louis, it seems like I'm always doing something else when these group builds come up and I can't participate. Not this time. I've got a Tamiya F4F-4 that says I'm in !

  7. I have one more Catalina to add to my collection, three Blue Angels, several other cat themed subjects, a couple close to completion, lets see how many I can get done, so much fun to be had !

  8. I'm in with a Cougar, a Mercury Cougar that is. For starters anyway.

  9. Wow!

    I am simply amazed at the turnout with this Group Build. So far we have 8 builds started. This is more than we had in the first day of the recent Midway Group build, which really turned out great. I'm very excited with the reception...

    Excellent work everyone.

    There's plenty of room for many more ... Please keep them coming .

    Thanks again !

  10. I went to the group thread before posting here, but I think I can modify my contribution! I am in with an F-5F Tiger II in Aggressor scheme for sure, and think I will also attempt to pull my High Planes Cheetah out of the stash - with the longer deadline I think I could get them both done.

  11. Go on then, I'm in!

  12. Great idea Louis - I'm in with the Hasegawa 1/48 Kittyhawk iii

  13. Louis,
    I have some work in progress, but I believe the long time available, will allowed myself to accomplish the task! Group joined.

  14. I'm in , don't what with yet, but I'm in. Maybe the Felix family.

    • That sounds good. I have been thinking about building a Brewster Buffalo marked as Jimmy Thatch's plane when he nosed it over on the deck of the Saratoga ? As long as it has a "Cat" theme to it that should be fine. Felix builds would qualify.

  15. I am a big cat fan, so count me in.

    Darren Dickerson

  16. Sounds great Darren. When you can. please head over to the Group Build section and start a thread on your next 'Cat project. I just noticed that you like Thunderbolts... so do I.
    Take care.

  17. I am definitely in with a Grumman Tigercat. Would a Tigermeet scheme or cat inspired insignia or nose art also suffice for entry?

    • Yes Morne. Anything Cat related, cat schemes or Cat inspired will work. I was thinking about building a Brewster Buffalo with Felix the Cat Squadron insignia. Basically anything Cat related, named or otherwise is fine.

  18. I'm in, Louis! Sorry for the delay. This should prove mucho fun!

  19. Profile Photo
    said on June 23, 2017

    I think I could be convinced by this, there's some great subject material to choose from. I'll make an attempt to join and contribute a whirly gig.

    Fingers crossed.


  20. Sword 1/72 TF-9J Cougar - saw this kit and had to have it - perfect excuse to build it

  21. OK, I'm in with a "Kitty" Hawk Sepe "Cat" "Jaguar" GR1/GR3, I couldn't find a model with more than three cat references, wish I could find a "pussy" as well though...

    • 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Sounds like a great plan George. I also want to thank you again for the great idea of extending this build to coincide with the actual beginning of the Chinese Year of the Dog. This will allow us all more time to build.

  22. Louis,
    I'm going through the models iv'e started FO this comes at a good time. I'm in for a P-40, F8F, and an F6F. Great idea you have here.

  23. Ok, I'm in. 1/48 AMT F7F Tigercat...

  24. I am in - but still deciding - some out and out cats, and some more tenuous links.

  25. Decided to go old-school … doing a figure of Al Stewart …. lol. Actually, pulling out one of my old Monogram 1/48 F-14As and applying tons of trickery and brute-force modeling along with a 30-year old Superscale decal sheet for VF-84 in low-viz overall light gull gray.

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